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The Truth Comes Out. Essay

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Behind every lie is the truth. There is not one person in this world that lies. There is a reason to every lie. People lie because they don’t want someone knowing the truth or even they don’t want someone to judge or think different of them. In today’s society people lie to fit in to be just like everyone else. One of the biggest lies that I have told is how my grandparents died; my mom’s mom and dad.

On October 12 1983 around 5; 25 PM, something horrible happened my granddad shot his wife and then killed his self. The reason why this happened is because his sister was putting lies into his head. Telling him things that were not true. Horrible lie likes “his wife was cheating on him”. Back then cheating was horrible thing to do. The only reason why she told such horrible lies is because she was so jealous of her because she was always a happy person. My grandmother had 8 kids, was a stay home had working women. My grandmother was a type of women who always put someone before her. She was a beautiful woman who tried to make everyone happy.
Once this accident happened the cops was called. Our town officers came to the house and my mother was the only one in the house when they came. Once the cops did what they had to do they blame their whole death on her, they said she’s the one that shot them. The cops took my mom and threw her to the ground and put handcuffs on her. Once our county cops came they told our town cops to leave. Once they left they took off the handcuffs off my mom and then they took over the crime scene. Everyone was standing outside looking to see what happened. The newspaper was called the next day what happened was in the newspaper. Still to this day my mom has the cut out article. Then once they finished what they had to do they asked my mom “what do you want to do with the bodies”. My mother took over from there. Once the bodies were taken out of the house my mom cleaned up all the blood and the mess. None of the other kids helped clean up the mess only my mom did. After all that happened they put the bodies on ice for 3 days so that the swelling can do down. That way the wake can be an open casket. Over 200 people came to the wake because they were known so well.
My mom has always told me “what does kill you makes you stronger” and ever since that day my mom has been a strong wonderful independent woman. After her parents died my...

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