The Truth Hurts Essay

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The Truth Hurts
There was once a large forest, in the forest there lived a bear. He was a great big bear who left every day around noon to find food. One day he saw the most succulent beautiful deer, standing still. The bear was very very hungry so he pounced only to find the deer was a fake. During his confusion two hunters popped up and shot the bear. Don’t you dislike it when you get a fake? “The Necklace” was originally written in a french newspaper in 1884. I think the theme was based on telling the truth and not lying. The story was written by Guy de Maupassant who was born on August 5th 1850. Guy was a popular writer during the Franco-Prussian war. This short story is about a woman named Madame Loisel who had been invited to a very fancy party but she needed a fancy dress and jewelry. She went to her more wealthy friend and borrowed a diamond necklace. Loisel lost the necklace and spent years making up the money for a new one, her friend then told her the ...view middle of the document...

"Oh, my poor Mathilde! But mine was imitation. It was worth at the very most five hundred francs! . . . ".
There were a few settings in the story the three most important seemed to be the party, Madame Loisel’s House, and Madame Forestiers house. The party that Madame Loisel’s husband was invited to was very fancy, With a large ballroom and everyone wore pretty and expensive things. Then there was also Madame Loisel’s house, which was a changing setting because it was already middle class and then they had to pay for the necklace. As the Loisels lost money there house grew more and more lower class. “She suffered from the poorness of her house, from its mean walls, worn chairs, and ugly curtains”. The Forestier’s house on the other hand was very elegant and high in class. “First she saw some bracelets, then a pearl necklace, then a Venetian cross in gold and gems, of exquisite workmanship.” Madame Forestier’s house is where Madame Loisel borrowed the necklace because Forestier was close friends with Loisel.
There was a lot of symbolism in this short story. Three symbols that stood out most in this story were the necklace and the party. In the story I believe that the necklace symbolises wealth. “Suddenly she discovered, in a black satin case, a superb diamond necklace; her heart began to beat covetously.” I have come to this conclusion because Madame Loisel was quite unhappy then when she got the necklace and was going to the party she was very joyful until she lost it, now this makes her happy but since the only thing that Madame Loisel wanted was wealth. The party symbolises happiness because Madame Loisel was only happy in one spot and that was when she was at the party. “Madame Loisel was a success. She was the prettiest woman present, elegant, graceful, smiling, and quite above herself with happiness. All the men stared at her, inquired her name, and asked to be introduced to her”.
To Conclude, Guy De Maupassant develops his theme that the truth should always be told ahead of a lie in his short story, The Necklace, through the use of Irony, Setting, and Symbolism. The theme that the truth should always be told ahead of a lie was developed to teach the reader a lesson. The Reader should use this information because it is very good.

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