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The Truth Of Perception In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Everyone is entitle to their own opinion on how they view the world and themselves. As the saying goes “ the world is our oyster” and we can choose to live the life we want regardless of how people may see us. People can choose to see someone by their physical appearance or by the concealed emotional underlay, but it can be different to the way we perceive ourselves. The world does not see eye to eye to what we see. In The Metamorphosis written by Franz Kafka, the protagonist Gregor Samsa, over the course of one night, suddenly transformed into a “monstrous vermin.” Gregor is now physically separated by his family who can only perceive him as his bug-like structure, which results in the disintegration of his emotional turmoil and ultimately death.
The exposition of The Metamorphosis beings with a small little room that is symmetrical in every manner. Gregor awakes to find himself transformed into a “monstrous vermin”(3) and without any halt of hesitation or question, he proceeds on with his daily routine and tries to adapt to his new form of life. Gregor does not want to “stay in bed being useless,”(7) however his current structure restrains him from doing anything human-like. It is in Gregor’s nature to take up the role of responsibility in the household no matter what circumstances he may face. Gregor’s perseverance in his everyday life is an attribute that Gregor can perceive in himself, yet is anonymous to everyone else. Although Gregor loathes his “grueling job”(3), he is bound down by his father’s failures which forces Gregor to work while creating “no relationships that last”(4) which makes Gregor feel like “a tool”(5) by both his father and his boss. Not only does Gregor feel alone and isolated because of his job, but his transformation has confined Gregor within his own body and he cannot express or communicate his emotions to his family or any human being. Gregor’s perception of himself as a bug is completely buried by his family because of his physical form. Gregor physically perceives himself as a bug with all the same emotional attributes of a human but his family cannot see past his horrid exoskeleton.
When the Samsa’s family first discovers Gregor’s repulsive transformation, Grete is the only person that tries to takes care of Gregor. Grete and Gregor hold a strong and close relationship from the start of the story that deteriorates as time passes. Grete looks up to her old brother because he is the only one that believes in her musical ability. Grete perceives Gregor physically as a critter, but emotionally, Gregor is still her brother and she shows pity toward him and becomes Gregor’s primary caretaker. Grete is Gregor’s only emotional connection to the family, and to all humanity itself. Internal conflicts begin to arise as Gregor begins to feel isolated from his family and confined by his room which he refers to as “imprisonment.”(25) Although Grete is the only one that shows sympathy toward Gregor, Grete perceives Gregor...

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