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It is no argument that human beings have the utter most simplistic nature of portraying specific ideals or principles in a negative light; or rather, in a much more intensely viewed standpoint. The legalization of cannabis has been one of the greatest, and currently ongoing controversial topics in today’s world. Since the early 20th century, the distribution and usage of marijuana was deemed illegal by all accounts. However, irony still manages to kick in, considering that cannabis is still America’s most valuable and number one cash crop. Consumers are not the only individuals who support the legalization of cannabis; many non-users are also in favor of legalizing marijuana because of all of the potential benefit it can bring into our society. It seems as if the prohibition that is being encrypted into our country is doing more harm than good. There are many reasons as to why cannabis is viewed as a poor decision on the topic of legalization. Realistically, there is not one well-intentioned aim to ban marijuana from all forms of life, nonetheless, there are several unreasonable aims to ban this “gateway drug.”
Marijuana’s known uses travel back as far as 7,000 B.C; in fact, consequentially, cannabis has been illegal for much less than 1% of the time it has been put to use. Many of the contributions of this plant include woven fabric, which was noted for being made of hemp, rope, cloth, incense, as well as much more, including even edibles. Although cannabis has been circling amidst our domain for some time, it had not truly reached publicity as a recreational drug, until the 1900’s, where it was then outlawed and viewed as unlawfully corrupt to our nation. Personally, I believe that the reasons as to why cannabis is illegal, are truly fatuous, having chosen a few of the motives to evaluate, I will, as well, convey my own impressions.
Firstly, federal government as well as those against marijuana, perceive the drug as being addictive. In order to break the statement into details, we must first understand what “addictive” means in the eyes of those opposed to cannabis. The ideological declaration of addiction is the perception of marijuana becoming a dependency; it is the fixed assumption that those who indulge in marijuana use become “hooked” and are labeled as “potheads.” This is true in some cases, however, alcohol and tobacco are factually guilty of being addictive and dominating the lives of users, yet they are both still legal. Marijuana by no means has any addictive substance or element within it whatsoever, and there have been no deaths in correlation with cannabis. The same cannot be said for alcohol, tobacco and many other drugs. With all of this said, what has been overlooked for many decades is that, those who partake in cannabis activity do so in order to escape the stresses of life, and merely ingest it for the euphoric feeling that it bestows upon the individual. It is an ongoing argument that marijuana has the tendency to be...

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