'the Truth Set Me Free' Good Descriptive Story With Dialogue About A Teenager Who Stays Out Late, Gets Drunk, And Ends Up In A Bad Accident.

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The Truth Set Me FreeI shook severely. Every nerve in my body tingled, but not a good tingle, not an orgasmic tingle, but a heavy, sandy tingle. It ran deep through my veins, my body stiffened like a drying cement walk way. I felt nauseous; like my insides no longer safely rested in me, but started making there way up my throat. I tried to take a deep breath, but my lips would not open, they felt sewn shut. The only other feeling I had besides the unbearable pain could only be described as a horrid fear. I did not even know what I feared. That did not seem to stop the incessant thoughts brought on by this fear though. I thought, "What the hell just happened? Where am I? Why is there an overwhelming pain crawling over my body like worms coming out of mud during a storm?" I managed to turn my head towards the only light I could see. The intensity of the light burned my eyes just as the sun did when I could not stop staring at it, as a kid, for the simple fact mom said not to. It is almost euphoric; everything around you disappears, not even your troubles can bother you. This light gave me that same luke warm feeling. It fought off the sand, and it battled against the worms engrossing me. It made me realize what just happened.My train of thought, or fear, was shattered, "ARE YOU OK?!? SON CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?"I groaned thinking to myself, "Can't this person see I'm in pain? Why is he yelling at me?"Again the man's monstrous voice beckoned my response, "SON IF YOU CAN HEAR ME I NEED YOU TO LET ME KNOW. DON'T WORRY WE'RE GOING TO GET YOU OUT OF THERE!" Suddenly I felt trapped again. I could not find that comforting light in the corner of my eye."Where, who, wha..?" I could not manage to get a complete thought to groan through my knitted lips. I tried to move but the pain only increased. It felt like being crushed in a car. Then I remembered. I remembered everything, and I immediately wanted to forget it, so much that I flooded my mind with excuses of what I could tell people. I thought, "Maybe I should just play the amnesia game, I can say I don't remember anything, but then the doctors could prove me wrong."Many thoughts ran, persistently, through my head. They were like the girl in algebra that never stops talking about her makeup. I wanted these thoughts to stop! The pain rendered me unconscious just in time. It brought me right where I wanted to be, as close to death as possible.I all too soon awoke and appeared to be floating into the back of an ambulance. It felt like I might be floating at least until my stretcher hit the bumper, and the legs folded inward. I looked over and caught a glimpse of my face in the metal's reflection. My nausea came back instantly. My light skin had been stained deep with crimson red. I tried to close my eyes wanting deeply to be unconscious again. My prayers got mildly answered as a paramedic stuck my stiff arm with a syringe. The liquid protruding into me burned so pleasantly. My minor pains started to ease away. The...

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this is a Short Story i wrote for an english task i got an A so feel free to us it as you wish and good luck with your assignment

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