The Truth That Lies Essay

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It has been 1 hour and there has been no report of Zaynah’s missing body. Police inspector, Ayato and Shanza were investigating the scene until a loud cry was heard from behind.
“Zaynah, my daughter,” wept Naeema.
“Hey! Hey! Stay back” shouted Ayato. “You aren’t allowed to enter the investigating site.”
Tears rolled down Naeema’s face, one after another flowing like a waterfall. The news of her missing daughter had completely shaken her senses; devastated and slowly dying inside, bit by bit. Her husband, Ahnaf grabbed her by the shoulders and reeled her towards him to comfort her, while holding in his tears.
The height of the tress covered the sky, making it seem like it was almost night. ...view middle of the document...

Later on, two police men took two very tall and mutated looking men into the confined room, handcuffed. Naeema and Ahnaf sauntered over to see what the police was talking about. They peeked through the glass door where they saw a child pointing at the two men. It was hard to make out what she was saying but on the look of her face it seemed like she knew something.
“It was them. Those two, I saw them. The caretaker Suzuki-san and receiptionist Zishaan-san told the whole class a story about a witch who lives in the shed behind the motel. They said she drinks the blood of young females to remain young and beautiful. Then later that night I saw Zaynah walk towards the shed and two people were sneaking up on her but unfortunately the teacher came in and I had to pretend that I was asleep. After when the teacher left I got up to see if she was still there, but she was gone.”
“Then I believe the case is solved, said Ayato. “Zishaan and Suzuki you are under arrest. Take them away!”
The two police officers dragged Zishaan and Suzuki and everyone else followed. One by one everyone left including Zaynah’s parents, until it was just Ayato and Shanza left behind.
“Witches eh?” Ayato started to laugh historically. “There is no such thing!”
“I know. Um, I need to go do something, I’ll come in a bit.”
Shanza left the room and walked away until someone seized her and took her away. Luckily, she was able to let out a scream, which Ayato was able to hear and recognize. He rushed out and looked around the area for Shanza but she was nowhere. Just a moment ago she left the room and now she disappeared? Ayato was bemused, so he walked around to look for her but she was not there.
He came across the old shed that the girl was talking about. It was old and wrecked. The wood used to make the shed looked 100 years old; unstable and dirty. Remembering what the girl said about the witch he tip toed towards it to see if there is an actual witch....

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