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Introduction."Tucker" is a movie based on the true story of Preston Tucker and his life-long vision to build the "finest automobile ever made", a car coined "The Tucker". Set in the 1950's, the challenges he faces in realizing his life-long dream spurs admiration and respect for this leader of revolution and innovation. His dedication and faith to his vision bred fellowship and loyalty among those who worked with him and showed the audience what heights a true visionary can soar to. Against all odds, Tucker manages to build the "car of tomorrow, today" with undying persistence, optimism and unwavering faith in a vision more than 15 years in the making.This report will highlight elements of leadership that Tucker put into play to make his dream a reality. Although Tucker's journey to the top was fraught with hasty decisions, questionable tactics, and disrespect for authority that belies what is considered "good" leadership, Tucker truly delivers a stellar performance that displays insights on an un-conventional view of leadership. Against powerful political and corporate forces, Tucker rose to success by taking charge and building a strong, dedicated team through effective communication and teamwork. His personal integrity and unwavering charisma guided him through his journey to the top. Above all else, he made those who followed his dream share in his vision and put their faith in the dreams of Tucker, the "dreamer, inventory, visionary, a man before his time".Taking Charge.A true leader takes charge by managing conflict, delegating tasks, taking responsibility and making key decisions. Tucker exemplified a take-charge attitude when managing his team of designers and engineers by delegating appropriate tasks to capable individuals, creating a productive and synergistic organization. For example, he gave Eddie a position as the "design department" when Eddie came up to him with stream-lined design ideas for "The Tucker". Tucker seemed to have an intuitive sense about people and looked for people with high potential, drive and determination to add to his team of designers and engineers."When you spot trouble, you gotta nip it in the bud". This informal motto, quoted by Tucker, adequately describes this visionary's approach to taking charge. Tucker made quick, calculated decisions to deal with any conflict that arose between his dream and its ultimate reality. When a large investor offers him a factory to build 50 cars in 60 days, an almost unreal deadline considering Tucker's lack of a working prototype, he accepts without hesitation. He did not avoid making this tough decision and was ready to take on the risks and costs of that decision, the true attitude of a take-charge leader. Also, when the 'fat-cat' investors threaten to change the design of his car by opting out the unique rear engine, which they believed to be an unfeasible engineering feat, Tucker makes the decision to put everything on the line by pushing his team to equip his prototype...

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