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The Turning Points Of Life Essay

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Everyone experiences what is said to be a “Turning Point” in life. In other words, your current path is altered by a single event or moment. This alteration may be as simple as a move to a new town to a change in personality. Two of my most significant positive “turning points” are attributed to things that happened when I was in happened when I was in my early twenties; meeting my husband and becoming a teacher. When applying Brofenbrenner’s theory of ecological systems; a focus of broad, interconnected influences on human development (Mossler, 2013 Sec. 2.6) to these events, it substantially broadens the realization of how I became the person I am today.
Meeting My Husband
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2.6). In this scenario, the microsystem includes my house, my brother, and the people I was familiar with that attended the party who in turn brought the people I was unfamiliar with, including my husband.
The Outcome
Initially, meeting this person was incredibly scary. When I was with him everything felt right yet, my heart was so broken I didn’t think I was ready to love. Over the next few weeks, I gradually began to realize I was becoming the person I was before but better. Within a few months, we had an apartment together, and within a year we were married.
A great deal has changed for me from that moment he walked out onto the patio. I became the person I had once thought I would be again. I learned to live peacefully with a person rather than a house of constant full of anger. I truly believe that a great deal of the reason we are together even fifteen years later is because, we grew up together. We were only twenty-one when we married. This caused us to move from the stage of emerging adulthood and mature into early adulthood as a team. We examined our likes and dislikes and we able to cohesively grow in a direction that worked for both of us.
For me, this has opened a whole world for me. I once again felt as if my dreams were achievable. I no longer have the low self-esteem I once had, I believe in myself and I have the rally and support behind each goal I hope to achieve. Most of all, I no longer have to figure out life’s greatest lessons on my own.

My First Day as a Teacher
Not being able to go to college after high school, I never believed being a lead teacher would be possible. From the first day of Kindergarten, my first school experience, I was determined to work with children and one day experience the enjoyment of watching a child make a connection and learn, knowing that I attributed to that.
The first example, meeting my husband, intertwines with this example. Had I not met my husband, I most likely would not have had the encouragement and support that I needed to achieve my dream of being a teacher. Additionally, without the willingness of one person to go “against the grain” and allow me the opportunity, once again gave me a new path to lead in life.
I began working at a childcare center soon before I was married. My best friend’s sister was friends with the owner. She gave me a job as an assistant in a classroom. I was elated to be working with children. In the afternoons, after the preschool had ended and it was “daycare”, I came up with lessons and would continue to work with the children, I studied everything I could about Early Childhood Education on my own, and persisted to become the educator I dreamed of. After a year, my boss asked me to lead the three-year-old classroom. I soon realized that I my dream had altered slightly, I did not want to be an Elementary teacher, I wanted to be a Preschool teacher.
The Macrosystem
I began my career as an early-childhood educator in a time when...

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