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The Tv Era Essay

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The TV Era The 20th century marked the beginning of a new era - "the modern age." Some of the greatest minds the human race has ever witnessed lived and worked during the last several decades. These "fathers of technology", who arrived well ahead of their time, created the world as people know it. Car, airplane, rocket, are only few of the inventions that prepared mankind for the 180 turn. Some of the inventions found their usage in every day's life, such as: radio, toaster, washing machine…and finally, TV. The TV industry started its development with the invention of the first TV set, somewhere in the early 1950's, and has never stopped growing since.Discussion whether or not television is a positive part of modern life, might seem arguable from several different viewpoints. Positively or not, the television has affected the life of almost every human being on the Earth… First of all, people who lived before "the television era" could not hear the latest news at any time. The only source of news was the papers. However, without any significant technology involved, the newspapers could only report on the local events. On the top of that, usually such news offered information not accurate enough and too old to interest greater percentage of the population. All the people lived at the slower pace, by not knowing what was going on around them. For instance, a trading person who worked in the United States could hardly find out how British economy did. In the early presidential elections, the newspapers didn't inform enough those who worked on the farms. Therefore, they did not have credibility to vote. Nowadays, the TV campaigns allow us to know about every candidate's move and his beliefs and opinions towards foreign and domestic politics. More important than anything, with the television, ordinary people have a chance to...

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