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The Twain Should MeetThere are dedicated smokers and there are those smokers who are no longer so dedicated. The cries of the frightened non-smokers are very newsworthy and are heard round the world; the publications on second-hand smoke have made most people very aware that there are serious dangers from second-hand smoke. The divided public is at war with one another. Cigarettes are legal and for sale on just about any corner. The more sales of cigarettes decline, the more cigarette advertising increases.The restrictions placed on sales of cigarettes to minors have resulted in more minors who are now smoking. 46.2 million smokers in the U.S. want to quit smoking."Smoke from the burning end of a cigarette contains at least 60 carcinogens, including: formaldehyde, cyanide, arsenic, carbon monoxide, methane, & benzene. The smoker, and anyone else nearby, inhales these chemicals." The Tobacco Industry added these chemicals to the tobacco products throughout the years to achieve complete, total, addiction in the user. This diabolical plan by the Tobacco Industry for enslaving its consumers has come to fruition today. Cigarette and tobacco products are still sold legally.1 Newsweekly,NY,1985,Aug 15 Ed.Jane Matthews Hutchins-2Veteran smokers have spent fortunes, developed habits and addictions that sometimes cannot be broken, and according to statistics: shortened their lives-by both smoking and by the use of the smokeless tobacco products. Tobacco industries have accumulated many riches from the sales of tobacco products. The sleek advertising campaigns, and bombardments of these campaigns, from many billboards, radio, and television commercials have hooked generations of the American public on tobacco. These legal products have been sold to the public for almost 100 years. We find these products sold in nearly every store we visit. We welcome these ads into our homes. Our children grow up impressed with these sleek advertisements.Non-smokers have a right to be alarmed when the reports have consistently named second-hand smoke a disabler and a killer. A lot of smokers have become alarmed. Non-smokers spend a lot of money lobbying to get increasingly more smoke-free places. Most public places are now smoke-free. The consensus is that smoking is a death sentence for the smoker and just as dangerous for the non-smoker who breathes the second hand smoke. Our government has known for a long time that tobacco products were addictive.The US government realized the potency of the nicotine and tar addiction; "In 1984 our gov't approved nicotine replacement gum as a pharmacologic aid to quit smoking, quoting these statistics:" Tobacco consumption is responsible for1-5 deaths in US preventable deaths, 1250 billion in healthcare cost. Bupropion & nasal spray proven to have the highest success rate to help in quitting smoking and to remain smoke free in the future."2 Our government studies show the addiction to tobacco products to be insidious.2 American...

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604 words - 2 pages Huckleberry Finn Essay Although Mark Twain was from a small river town, namely Hannibal, Missouri, he doesn't seem to paint a very flattering picture of them in the book Huckleberry Finn. Throughout the book the two main characters, Huck and Jim, travel down river coming into contact with these types of small river town people. Twain uses this book to satirize the people of these towns. He shows these people to be dumb, gullible, uneducated

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739 words - 3 pages how to be correctly motivated. When Twain had become a wealthy man, he spent $200,000 on a Paige typesetting machine and investments on a publishing firm and eventually went bankrupt. Regardless, during his time ofbankruptcy, Twain began to publish more to get out of debt. He began to create the works for which he is best known. Mark Twain should be in the History Hall of Fame because he has changed the way we view literature. He gave us the

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1145 words - 5 pages two of three black students” (Greenblatt). Twain believed everyone should have an opportunity for the so called “pursuit of happiness” guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence and dedicated himself to assuring everyone would. In his effort he became a leader in the anti-imperialist movement, including writing multiple anti-imperialist essays (Railton). “The Anti-Imperialist League sprang into being to fight the McKinley administration’s

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