The Twenties Internet Assignment

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The Twenties Internet Assignment
The twenties were a time of great change in the United States and the world. Social and political changes made change in lifestyle and culture prevalent. This paper will discuss three icons from this era; Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and Coco Chanel.
Coco Chanel, born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, was born August 19, 1893. She was raised by nuns in an orphanage after her mother’s death. The nuns of the orphanage taught her how to sew. In 1910 Coco opened her first millinery business in France. She started out selling hats, but soon began making clothing. By the 1920’s her business was thriving. In 1922 she launched her fragrance, which she called Chanel No. 5. Coco was the first designer to begin making looser more comfortable styles for women. In 1925 Coco introduced the Chanel suit and cardigan jacket, and a year later the little black dress. Women loved the comfort and style of Coco’s designs.
In the 1930’s, due to issues caused by World War II, Coco closed her business. She became involved during that time with a German military officer; this caused much controversy for her. Coco retreated from fashion and public life for many years after that. She returned to the fashion industry when she was seventy years old, and was once again a hit. Coco died on January 10, 1971.
Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1963 in Michigan. He grew up on a farm, always having an interest in mechanics. He trained as a machinist in Detroit before going to work for the Edison Company. Henry left that job in 1898 and became the supervisor at Detroit Automobile. Serious auto production never got started due to issues with the investors. The Henry Ford Company opened in 1901. Again there were issues with investors and Ford left the company. In 1903 Henry Ford began Ford Motor Company. He believed that everyone should be able to own an automobile, so he began to make changes to be able to lower the price point. The Model T became the first mass produced automobile. With the success of the company, Ford began to develop incentives for his employees, such as reduced hours and better pay. Between 1908 and 1927 fifteen million Model T’s were built. Ford was able to make large impacts on the economy in the twenties, by paying good wages and changing the way that people did...

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