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The Twilight Saga: Redefining The Vampire

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When the word “vampire” comes to mind, people think of the traditional pale-faced, malicious bloodsuckers, sporting a cape and killing people when they’re sleeping. Wrong! Nowadays, the image of a vampire is a handsome, polite, and loving person who protects humans. The new cultural phenomenon Twilight is building a new degrading image for vampires that slaps the face of all previous authors, directors, writers, etc. who contributed to giving the monster its unique image in the past.

Simply searching through articles, databases, and other resources, vampires are depicted as malicious and monstrous creatures. First off, the vampire is famous for its dark and mysterious image affiliated with fear and death. In many ways, “the vampire can be seen through its most basic characterization as the bringer of death”(Stevens par. 3) and evokes a “marginal world of darkness, secrecy, vulnerability, excess, and horror” (Stevens par. 6). Obviously, the vampire has adopted a dark, fearful, and mysterious image. Next, vampires are famous for their unique characteristics. defines the vampire as “a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night”( Vampires are also known for their distinct weakness suck as “various tailsmans and herbs”(Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia) but the only way to kill a vampire is “only by cremation or if a stake is driven through their hearts”(Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). Another distinct and commonly known characteristic of the vampire is their fear of the light as it could potentially kill them. Emotionally, the vampires are almost viewed as sex symbols as they “indulge in their desires and, and revel in breaking the taboos of civilized society”(Stevens Paragraph 2). Speaking of society, the savage and emotionless characteristics are a distinct metaphor for many parts of society. Vampires unique characteristics represent the “fears of the cultures which produce them”(Stevens par.2). An example of a societal vampire could be Adolph Hitler and the Nazis during World War 2. People viewed Germany as a war machine that spread fear and sucked the life out of Europe with propaganda, concentration camps, and savage war tactics. During World War 2, Hitler had “come to embody the oblique fear of death and those who bring it, but also a variety of behaviors, conditions, and associations which are deemed outside or unacceptable to the society,”(Stevens par. 4) exactly like monstrous and horrific actions viewed normal in a vampires behavior. Metaphorically speaking, a vampires could be corporate monopolies preying on small businesses or drugs and alcohol reaping havoc on the health and well-being of others. As you can see, a metaphoric vampire carries a negative and savage image like the fictional monster. Furthermore, vampires are depicted as...

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