The Twinning Of Kinder Morgans Pipeline

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Kinder Morgan has proposed the idea of building a twin pipeline for that of the Trans Mountain pipe line. And the clear question for all Canadians especially in the lower main land of British Columbia is this proposition to twin the pipe line safe, economical for British Columbia, and reliable way to transport fossil fuel in the form of crude oil? Or is this just business as usual?

We defiantly need to establish the safety behind this. But safety is not only for the people around the pipeline but for the impact the building of said pipe line will have on the environment around it. Also what safety nets do we have in place in case of environmental catastrophe.

The only real way to look at how safe it is is to examine the Trans Mountain pipelines history. The pipeline has been in use for 51 years and in that 51 years there has been 78 spills, (Trans 2013) most of these being very minor. Also 70% have taking place at terminals (Trans Mountain, 2013) thus making spills kits redally available for any and all problems. Meaning there is little to no problems that these spills cause. So that leaves the other 30% which did occurred at these terminals but on the runs between them and only 2 of those in the last 30 years exceeded the threshold of 1.5 m3. (Trans Mountain, 2013) This has a minor impact compared to other forms of transportation.

So as stated before they have precautions such as early detectors for all stations and they are well equipped and trained for emergency response. But again this doesn't make people feel safe. In an article from the Vancouver sun environmentalists are using propaganda in form of a scare tactic to protest the Kinder Morgan pipeline. “This could be oil” was placed on yellow sheets of plywood (Larry Pynn2013).

The fear of the people may just be enough to veto the pipeline even though the pipeline was a great success for being built 51 years ago. And with today's technology all we can do is improve the design from 51 years ago.

Now with the clear understanding of the safety factor, we now should to understand the economical impact on British Columbia as a whole. As this does not pertain directly to the environment it plays a Hugh factor in the decisions being made due to the economical down turn and the struggle to create jobs that Canada is currently facing. So the twin pipeline has planned to bring 90+ more jobs to British Columbia ( 2013), for almost 1500 Km of pipeline it would be thought that this...

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