The Two General Categories Of Mood Disorders

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The Two General Categories of Mood Disorders

I chose the topic of Mood Disorders to research for many reasons. I'm always hearing phrases such as "They're manic depressant" and many more which interest me to research about these disorders. Mood disorders are broken down into two general categories, depression and bipolar disorder. When researching mood disorders, I've realized the meaning of all these phrases I've heard.

Depression is the most common of all psychological disorders. It effects more than 100 million people worldwide. Between 8 and 18% of the general population will experience depression in their lifetime. Research has proved that in any 6-month period, 8% of woman, and 4% of men are likely to be diagnosed with some form of depression. Hirshfield and Goodwin (1988) say that as many as 15% of severely depressed individuals eventually kill themselves.

Major Depression can be found in many people by the following symptoms.
~ Persistent depressed mood for most of the day.
~ Loss of interest in all or almost all activities.

~ Significant weight loss or weight gain due to changes in appetite.
~ Sleeping more or less than usual.
~ Speeding up or slowing down of physical and/or emotional reactions.
~ Fatigue or loss of energy.
~ Reduced ability to concentrate or make meaningful decisions.
~ Recurrent thoughts of death and/or suicide.
If you or anyone you know posses five or more of these nine traits, they are most likely going through major depression. The biggest solution to the depressed person is to seek help. There are many drugs out there that can help your exact situation enormously. Not only are their drugs, but doctors, therapists and even groups that deal with your exact medical condition.

The other condition is called Bipolar Disorder (manic depression). This is when you experience dramatic ups and downs in your mood. Periods of mania can change into depression very quickly for no reason at all. You may appear highly excited, act silly or even just argumentative. You also may experience hallucinations, and may be delirious. The characteristics of this disorder are:
~ Inflated self esteem
~ Inability to sit still or sleep restfully
~ Pressure to keep talking and switching from topic to topic
~ Racing...

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