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The Two Grannies Essay

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Grandmothers are always there when we need them most. They are kind, loving and wise from their long living experience in this world. The worst thing that could happen sadly is when it is time for them to leave this world later on in life before your very own death. From old age, sickness or get shot countless times in the body from a crazy serial killer, grandmothers tend to leave this world before you know it. For example from the world of literature, two grandmothers have from two very different stories has met their maker either they like it or not. One of the grannies is good old Granny Weatherall from the short story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” by Katherine Anne Porter and the ...view middle of the document...

Realizing that it was time, she finally admits that she does not want to leave and wanting to see any sign of from God that everything is going to be all right. There was none and she felt alone in at alter again. At the end, she was gone.
The grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” wants her and her son’s family to go to Tennessee instead of Florida for the vacation. Her son Bailey refuses so she came up with a story she saw in the newspaper that a criminal called “The Misfit” was on the loss and heading to Florida. Ignoring her, everybody is heading down to Florida with the grandmother wearing nice clothing so in case of an accident everyone would know that she was a lady. On the way, they stop at a restaurant own by a man name Red Sammy Butt. Sammy told the Grandmother how untrusting people could be when he let a few men buy gas with credit. The Grandmother told him that he was a good man to do it and they both agree that a good man is hard to find in this world. Back in the road, the Grandmother mentions a house nearby that she has been to at a young age and lied about some secret panels to make it more interesting for the kids. The kids got too excited and begged Bailey to stop by the house. Angrily agreeing, they decided to go to the house but the Grandmother remembers that the house was in Tennessee and not Georgia. Scared, she accidently releases her cat and spooked Bailey into crashing the car. Other than the mother of the children with a hurt shoulder, everyone was fine. Later a car came by the crash and three men came out to check it out. The Grandmother recognized one of the men and yells that he is The Misfit, the escape criminal she mentions before the trip. From that point, The Misfit order his friends to kill the family starting with Bailey and his son while he and the Grandmother chit chat. The grandmother tries to convince to let her go awhile her family were killed off with little to no success. When they both started to have a connection, the grandmother touch The Misfit and he then shot her three times. The grandmother dies and The Misfit has little regrets of finishing her life.
Both the grandmother has different kinds of families. Granny Weatherall has a cared for her family even though she has a favorite child. Most of her life, she loves and cared for all of them and works hard on raising all of them. All of her children treated her with great respect and love for all that she done in her life as a single mother. The Grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” has a family opposite of Granny Weatherall’s. Her son Bailey loves her but he sometime cannot stand her needs and her grandchildren do not respected her. Her grandchildren do not have in respect for anything throughout the story. Even the granddaughter in her final minutes told one of The Misfit’s friends that he looks like a pig. Even though it the grandmother that told them about the house even though it was a mistake, the children obnoxiously begs Bailey to...

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