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Both Maria from ‘Half-breed by Campbell’ and Anne Shirley from ‘Anne of Green Gables by Montgomery’ represents characters in the novels that go through stages in their life of rejection. Either through their own prospective or through the society’s overall views which makes them recognize as if they’re not a part of the dominant community and are less considered compared the other sex. When Maria was born she wasn’t accepted by her father at first due to her being a girl “At last I arrived much to dad’s disappointment”(Campbell, 16). A girl was used mostly for cooking, cleaning and as care takers of children and Maria’s father needed less of a girl and more of a boy to help him with earning a couple of dollars for the family. However he overcame his disappointment and began considering Maria as a boy and therefore started teaching her what boys are taught “set traps, shoot a rifle, and fight like a boy” (Campbell, 16). Nevertheless, these teachings made Maria strong and fought for her right of being a woman. In her time women were marginalized given limited options for jobs and were legally beaten by men on streets and in homes. However due to her fathers and Cheechum her grandma’s teaching she conquered all her tragedies as seen throughout the novel. Similarly Anne Shirley a young orphan who arrived at the door steps of her new foster home was rejected by Marilla a well-respected women “You don’t want me!” she cried “You don’t want me because I’m not a boy” (L. Montgomery, 25). A boy was needed in Marilla and Mathew’s point of view for the help of care taking of the farm due to Mathew, Marilla’s brother becoming old and awfully sick. However finally Marilla and Mathew accepted Anne and began teaching her the role of a civilized woman. Maria and Anne did not just face rejections from others due to what their gender was but also had insecurities of themselves of how and what they look like. Anne always considered her being unaccepted by others, she neglects her own self and doesn’t stand up with confidence “I don’t ever expect to be a bride myself, I’m so homely nobody will ever want to marry me” (Montgomery, 13) she suggests that her having freckles and being red headed has a lot to do with facing rejections in her life and claims “I’d rather be pretty than clever” (L. Montgomery, 92). Being clever should be the most important factor to have an in an individual but due to discrimination of her personality she disregards how clever and full of joy she is. In the same fashion Maria considers her dark face and small curly hair to be discriminated among others “Maria, you’re to black and your face is like a nigger’s” (Campbell, 14). Maria was raised as a boy and never expected to have a man to like her for her looks or the way she acted. So she accepted the fact of being alone in her life and influenced herself to always be happy of the way she is. More or less because she had no hope for herself or the way her life would be in the future. Moreover...

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The Two Women Essay

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