The Types And Effects Of Bullying

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The issue of bullying is often ignored and not taken seriously. If you actually witness bullying you will realize that it is a real problem. People are victims of bullying everyday whether it is verbal or physical. People should do more to help bullying victims. I think that bullying is wrong because it affects everyone in some way.
Bullying is purposely hurting someone in someway. It has to be intentional and occur more than once. 2 out of 3 times bullying happens in school. Most of the time kids are bullied for their appearance, if they don’t look a certain way they get made fun of for it. The person’s reaction to the bullying depends on the situation. It makes most kids who are being bullied feel depressed and cause them anxiety.
There are different types of bullying. It can be verbal, like saying something rude to someone to make them feel bad. Or it can also be physical like getting onto a fight with another person who is weaker than you. Another type of bullying is cyber bullying which is done online. The last type of bullying is indirect bullying which is saying mean things about someone behind their back or spreading rumors about them. There are 3 people involved in the bullying, the victim which is the person who is being bullied and the actual bully who is causing the abuse and the last person involved is they bystander is a person who sees the bullying happening. Lots of times bullying makes the victim feel bad about themselves and they start to believe the things the bully is saying about them are true.
Most of the time the bully is just looking for attention and they want to be noticed. They want to make themselves seem more important. Some bullies may even come from bad families and that’s what makes them act the way they do. They also might feel bad about themselves and they want to make others feel the same way.
Over 3.2 million people are victims of bullying each year. Most of the bullying tends to start in middle school years. 56% of students witness it happen. People believe that for the bully to stop bullying they need to mature or the victim stands up for themselves to make them stop. Bullying can cause harm to the victims and lots of schools try to stop it by having anti bullying programs. They promote that everyone should be nice to each other and not put down other people. They also want kids to tell an adult if that have experienced or witnessed any bullying going on in school so they can try to stop it. Some kids may not want to tell an adult they are...

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