The Typography To Go With Your Responsive Website Design

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Summary: Responsive Website design has been a rage in 2013. The introduction to responsive website design has given way to a separate type of typography, which is only compatible with the responsive website design. This article would be dealing with the responsive typography.
When the topic of website comes into consideration, typography plays a very big role. Even some of the stalwarts in website designing consider that typography plays the biggest responsibility, when website design comes into the picture. Responsive website design has become somewhat mandatory for those businesses, which are planning to survive the present landscape of online business and the future as well.
The modern mobile ready site has been the offshoot of this particular website design, where responsive typography has been a necessity. Many of the designers do not consider the importance of typography. But the subject of typography is one thing, which decides the positive or negative effects on users while browsing. So, the biggest question at the moment is:
What exactly is responsive typography?
Responsive typography in simple words is a particular class, which can fit with various screen sizes of smart devices. With this kind of typography, small screen gets the most of the priority. The responsive design focuses on incorporating more data within the screen resolution. By collaborating responsive typography with responsive website design, one can combine important technical data and designs and make it fit for all existing screen sizes of every browsing device.
To discuss about responsive typography, there are 2 main available types of typography: a) Liquid Layout and b) Adaptive Layout
a) Liquid Layout:
Most of the major organization, which takes the help of the responsive designs, uses this category. The layout has this strange nomenclature because it is able to constantly adapt to every possible width movement of the screen. But a word of caution for the website designers who are treading into the responsive category for the first time - Liquid layout is an expensive layout to adapt to. If you are working for a big organization then Liquid Layout is the perfect typographical layout to be used for responsive design.
b) The...

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