The Tyranny Of Equality Essay

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What would you do if your government dictated your every action; your every thought? Would you fight back against oppression? Michael Kort’s excerpt “From The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union” is a nonfiction story that covers several attempted revolutions as well as Joseph Stalin’s ascent to political power in the 1920’s. Stalin subjugated his own people to cruel inhumane conditions that affected the Soviet Union for years to come. Animal Farm is a fictional novel by George Orwell. Although it is based in fiction it is a recreation of the events of early 1900’s Soviet Russia. Animal Farm follows a group of animals, in a time period similar to the 1900’s ,who overran their owner and set up a government of their own. However their freedom was short lived. For Napoleon, a greedy ambitious pig, grows to be a tyrant worse than Mr. Jones, the farm owner. Both Stalin and Napoleon forced their ideology onto their citizens, and in so doing destroyed them.
Lenin played a crucial role in taking down the tsar and bringing equality to the people of Russia. However, after his death, Russia was left in desperate need of a leader. Stalin was eventually victorious over the other candidates, but with this new leader came an era of abusive dictatorship. A myriad of peasants rebelled against the seizure of their land by destroying their fields and killing their livestock because they would rather cripple themselves than give anything to the collectives, “Often they destroyed their property and killed their farm animals” (Kort 106). As collective farms replaced smaller private farms, the peasants working these joint farms began to resemble slaves more and more. They were given minimal pay and were used strictly for manual labor with no decision making power, “the farmers working them were paid miserably… Nor did the farmers make their own decisions” (107). Although peasants working the new joint farms were treated horribly, the atrocities that citizens in more heavily populated areas were subjugated to were monstrous. Stalin’s secret police would terrorize the populace, beating innocent...

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