The Tyrant Rulers Of People Who Mean To Be Free”

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“…tours the underworld and sees a swarm of anguished souls, barred from heaven and hell doomed to limbo. They were the neutrals whose lives meant nothing...” (Pg. 326- the great refusal) Throughout the course of our history we have been exposed to such brutality, and inevitable suffering of individuals seeking out a freedom that was rightfully theirs. Just as Marjane from the veil did, martin Luther king was in the path of soon becoming the next millennium. With the help of the declaration of independence they would reclaim the god given rights of the people whom had become oblivious and had no true leader to end their suffering.
The declaration of independence (1st draft) states that all men have unalienable rights. Rights that consisting of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However when these ends are violated by the very government that was implemented for protection, it is the responsibility of the people to overthrow that government. “He has waged cruel war against human nature itself… the opprobrium of infidel powers, is the warfare of the Christian king…” The declaration of independence gives countries the liberty to rule as independent states. However it gives people full power in certifying that the government implemented in each state does not violate his position as leader. When a leader like the Christian king of Great Britain violates such “sacred rights” like those of liberty and life; when they took those natives against their will making them slaves when they had done nothing to him; People would have the choice to come in unison and remove whoever violates the security of freedom.
In 1980 it becomes obligatory for girls to wear a veil to school. The girls not understanding why they had to wear it, didn’t like it. “The Veil” follows the story of Marjane, a 10 year old girl in the 1980’s. Back in 1979 Marjane attended a French non-religious school were boys and girls had studied together. In late 1979, the revolutionaries call for a “Cultural Revolution” in which bilingual schools are closed (page: 186), children were not allowed to read or study about different cultures, and were forcefully close minded towards what they were doing. As the dictator takes away the basic rights from all the women and children, Marjane starts to emphasize how she had been born with religion. As a very young child, she had believed that she would be “the last prophet.” Following her holy book by the first great prophet of her country, Zarathustra, who had proclaimed that everything in life must be based on the commands to “Behave well, speak well, and Act well” (Page: 189) she sees how Zarathus spread his word to treat everyone with a good manor, talk to everyone with respect and be fair with everyone in the society, giving them equal rights. Her grandmother and god are the only ones that know of her plans on; giving maids an option to eat with the family, and ending suffering in old people. However...

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