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The U.S. Navy Essay

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The United States Navy is the second oldest branch of the military and is the largest branch if you encompass it with the marines. The U.S. Navy is also one of the most important branches of the military. Each other branch would practically be nothing without the Navy. The difference is that the navy and the Marines would be able to remain functional without the help of any of the other branches of the military. The reason they could remain functional without the other branch’s is that the navy and marines cover all aspects of warfare together thus making the navy the most flexible branch of the military (Navy.Mil).
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Next, Naval aviation is one of the most important parts of the navy; many of the Navy’s missions rely on its ability to have air superiority wherever they need it. The Navy operates 10 active aircraft carries with two in reserve and one being built. Aircraft carriers are capable of carrying 113 different aircrafts. The navy operates over 3700 aircrafts each one specially modified to be able to land on the small runway of a pitching aircraft carrier. Naval Aviation is one of the newest facets of the Navy, the birth of Naval Aviation taking place in 1911. But the Nay’s aircraft would be nothing without the fleet to escort them to where they are needed without the risk of being attacked (Navy.Mil).
Also, The U.S. Navy’s fleet of ships is the best in the world, with a huge variety of different ships that can do anything the Navy needs it to. The Navy has the largest fleet in the world by 59 ships; Russia is the only Navy that comes anywhere closes. The Navy’s fleet is able to operate all over the world; most of its ships are currently in the Mediterranean, Far East, and the Middle East. The Army would never be able to launch any full scale invasions without the Navy’s Transports. It is too inefficient to try and fly everyone to the opposing country and would cost too much money. The Navy’s operates 10 Amphibious Transport Ships enough to bring the army wherever it needs to go ().
Since the Navy has large ships such as the aircraft carrier, it’s the Ideal branch to provide humanitarian aid to places in need. Aircraft carriers are able to house thousands on their deck in Tent Camps if the afflicted area is flooded. The Aircraft Carrier has enough power to provide electricity to the city if it has lost power and needs power for its essential Government buildings. The navy has been involved in fifty plus large humanitarian missions since 1980. John Captain in the navy says, “Some of the most important Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief missions were the Japanese earthquake, Indonesian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.” The navy is also to transport more supplies then the army or navy because of their massive ships that are able to transport thousands of tons of food, supplies (Navy.Mil).
The United States Marines are classified as the Navy’s land operations and are conducted under the same budget as the Navy. The United States Marines are some of the most highly trained infantry men in the world. They specialize in amphibious assaults which are now rarely seen in today’s fighting style. Although, they are specially trained for amphibious missions they are able to operate in almost any kind of warfare from door to door to wide open forests. The Marines provide a very important part of the Navy; they allow the Navy to be able to operate on land with a substantial infantry force.
The Navy is also able to provide a service that no other branch in the Military is able to provide. The navy is able to provide nuclear defense with its Aegis Cruisers...

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