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The U.S Should Not Lower The Drinking Age To 18

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One day there was a teen and he was excited for his birthday that was coming up. So he had nothing to do at this point so he thought he would write some things he wanted or needed for his birthday. So while he was writing his list of what he wanted or needed, he was thinking about how he hasn't gone out and done anything for a while. After he got done with his list he waited for his parents to get off work and since he lives down the street from his parents he walked to his parents house when they got home. He waits for his parents to get settled in and comfortable and then told them what he wanted or needed for his birthday. So, after he said the things he wanted or needed he also said “ What i would also like to do is take you guys to the bar and we could get something to eat and possible play some pool”. His parents said “sure that would be nice”, so he says thanks and meet you in the afternoon tomorrow to celebrate! The day goes by, now it is in the afternoon of the next day he is so excited its his birthday, so he walks down to his parents house, gets them and are now on there way to the bar to celebrate.

First, some good effects of alcohol can have some good effects on the body's heart and blood vessels (Hensrud, 4). Also, studies have shown that drinking alcohol in moderation increases your cholesterol, that helps carry away and breaks down extra cholesterol (Hensrud, 4). Research has shown that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol daily could benefit your heart health ( Hensrud, 1). For some people drinking larger than moderate amounts of alcohol dont significantly raise the risk of heart problems, but it could lead to other problems ( Hensrud, 1). Quite of bit of attention has been drawn to the fact that red wine seems to be particularly beneficial (Hensrud, 2). You can make many heart- healthy lifestyles choices that do not include alcohol ( Hensrud, 3). Alcohol thins your blood, too, making it less likely that your arteries will make a blood clot ( Hensrud, 4). Alcohol can also have a positive effect of the cardiovascular system (Hensrud, 4).

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Next, some bad effects of alcohol are that (Regular drinking more than moderate amounts of alcohol can lead to many health problems) (Hensrud, 7). For some people if they drink more alcohol than needed, later in life they could develop heart failure (Hensrud, 7). (Too much alcohol may raise your blood pressure and triglyceride) (Hensrud, 7). Some risks of drinking more than daily can lead to addiction (Hensrud, 6). If you drink a lot of alcohol more than daily you could be put into a higher risk of having heart dise (Hensrud, 7). Some people however can develop heart failure from increased alcohol consumption (Hensrud, 7). Alot of alcohol also increase your risk or a liver disorder (Hensrud, 8). Drinking alcohol in excess is the third leading cause of preventable death in the united states (Hensrud, 8).

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Also, Some things why...

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