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The U.S. War In The Middle East: A Fight For Honor And Survival Why America Should Continue Fighting In Iraq

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On September 11, 2001, ruthless terrorists from the Middle East hijacked four commercial jets. They flew two planes into the World Trade Center Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon, and one into the grassy fields of Pennsylvania. President George W. Bush denounced the attacks not merely as acts of terror, but as acts of war (Stewart 100). However, after waging the War on Terror to eliminate the terrorist threat and the War in Iraq to remove the evil dictator Saddam Hussein from power, Americans unthinkingly demanded that the troops be removed from the Middle East. Although it is true that the Middle Eastern wars are deadly and costly, the United States of America must stay in order to protect America, spread freedom to the less fortunate, and demonstrate important, honorable ideals for the overall health of America.After the devastating attack on 9/11, the United States was left with choice but to attempt to stop the Middle Eastern terrorists. National honor and pride demanded swift retaliation. As the common saying goes, "Offense is the best defense." According to the White House website, "if we give up the fight in the streets of Baghdad, we will face the terrorists in the streets of our cities." The terrorists, too busy trying to ward off the American soldiers, are now unable to organize another act of terrorism like 9/11 as easily as before. Of immense concern are the threats posted by terrorists in rogue countries such as Iraq (Davidson). Iraq's deadly biological agents originated from American companies when the United States was supporting Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq War. The terrorist nation has been constantly attempting to obtain botulinum toxin and appears to have succeeded; in 1991, the United Nations were unable to account for three times the amount of botulinum needed to kill the entire current human population by inhalation. To this day, the United Nations have not found the missing toxin, which is so dangerous that one gram of the substance is able to kill one million people.Obviously, the means of destruction are readily available. But will the Middle Eastern terrorists strike America? As if 9/11 wasn't proof enough, Iran has proven itself to be the most active sponsor of terror by training and arming radical groups in the Middle Eastern area (Balkin 18). In an act of violence, the world's best terrorists gathered in Teheran in May 2001 to declare a holy war against the U.S., which they dubbed the "Second Israel." If the terrorist nations want to harm America, the United States has no choice but to eliminate the threat. The threat lies in the states that sponsor terrorism and not just individuals, for simply murdering Osama bin Laden will only spur a new army of militants to replace the dead (19). America must strike at the source for the final solution, to ensure that the biggest danger to American citizens is removed forever.But homeland security is not the only issue. In the Middle East, "Palestine leaders block and...

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