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The Uc System Essay

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In this essay, I will state the many reasons why the UC system is considered the world’s finest group of public institution. UCLA ranks 13th among the world’s top 400 universities. This school has produced many students who’s studies have contributed to the world we live in today. Engineering professor Rajit Gadh developed technology that is revolutionizing the consumption of energy. Also, Astronomy professor Andrea Ghez made discoveries that are improving our understanding on how galaxies form. In the year 1969, computer professor Leonard Kleinrock led the UCLA team that laid the foundation for the internet we use today. Among this institution there are 12 Nobel prize winners, a field medalist, a turing award winner, and more than 20 Academy Award winners. The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has also achieved national renown. This school also has 10 National Medal of Science Winners. Another UC that Ranks high in the chart is UC Irvine. It is ranked 44th among national universities and 12th among public universities in the United States. From this institution 3 faculty members have been named National Medal of Science recipients. Also, 3 other former students were awarded the Nobel Prize while attending the university. Irwin rose was one of them, while attending the university he received the Nobel Prize for his work on Biological Protein. Another person who received the prize was Frank Sherwood Rowland. His discoveries helped detect the harmful effects of CSFs on the Ozone layer. The third person is Fredrick Reines, he received the Nobel Prize for his contribution in discovering the neutrino. UC Irvine has a number of residential options for all students interested in living on campus. One of the universities' long-range development plan is to expand on-campus...

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