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The Ugly Scars Of Hatred Essay

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Why is hate so fundamental and eternal to the human psyche? Hate is like a boomerang that eventually consumes the life of the person who harbors it. The only alternative to hate is love since it is too much of a burden to constantly live with hate. In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the love of Romeo and Juliet never sees the light of the day because their love is forbidden by their feuding families who thrive on hate. The night unites them by shielding their love, whereas the day separates them by threatening to reveal their love. In a world filled with darkness, they both find each other as enchanting lights to guide them. As such, light and dark imagery are shown as both good and bad, and both represent the contrast between hate and love.
Dark imagery is crucial to their well-being since the night allows them to meet, and protects them like a mother lion protects her cubs. For example, when Romeo is in the Capulet house and the night is coming to an end, he comments, “Night’s candles are burnt out, and jocund day / Stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops. / I must be gone and live, or stay and die” reflecting how light takes on a negative connotation making it compulsory for the lovers to part (3.5.9-11). The night is personified as a protector of their sublimely beautiful and blossoming love, which if revealed would entail tragedy. It is evident that the night is a time of peace when lovers can celebrate their love, whereas the day is a time of perpetual spitefulness when feuds take place and blood is shed. Furthermore, when Romeo looks out of the window and sees the light of the day approaching, he comments, “More light and light – more dark and dark our woes” signifying how the day is now becoming the darkness of their lives (3.5.36). Night imagery is again used very creatively to show the impending fate of the approaching day with the dark clouds of death looming on the horizon. The love they share is considered evil by their tyrannical parents because they are meant to hate each other just like their parents do, but instead they fall in love transcending all barriers of hate. In addition, Juliet’s comments to Romeo, “And not impute this yielding to light love, / Which the dark night hath so discovered” shows the heartening emotions the night evokes (2.2.109-110). The scene’s uplifting night imagery shows that the night with its darkness is again the dominating image in how it helps to mature their love giving it a whole new dimension in terms of intensity, magic and mystery. Juliet attributes miraculous powers to the night because it’s gentle, passionate and liberating qualities create instant spiritual connections between them. Using aspects of night imagery it...

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