The Uk Marketing Environment For The I Phone

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The UK Marketing Environment for the iPhone

Executive Summary

This report will analyze and discuss the most important elements of the marketing environment for the launch of the iPhone, that is to say the main three levels of the marketing environment: the micro-environment through the customers, competitors and distributors, the macro-environment through technological, economical, social, political and environmental forces and finally the internal environment through the relation of Apple with its employees and its marketing philosophy. The analysis for the micro-environment is based on Porter’s 5 forces model and the one on the macro-environment is based on PEST analysis. The report will also give an interpretation for each of these aspects, a conclusion with a rating of the attractiveness of the UK current marketing environment in which the iPhone is launched.
The principal conclusions of this report show that the iPhone is a successful product that combines interesting features: iPod, internet browser and mobile phone, which satisfy the customer’s needs moreover it is also exceeding their expectations thanks to its fashionable design. However the UK current mobile market is very competitive, so Apple will have to deal with tough competition against established mobile phone manufacturers. The report finally comes up with some recommendations that can help improving Apple’s performance and the marketing environment for the iPhone, these are mainly:

• To give customers more flexibility through decreasing the price of its handset, changing the length of the O2 contract and offering customers more options

• Unlocking the Iphone

• Improving some of the iPhone features

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 4

2. Methodology 4

3. Analysis and interpretation 4-8

 The micro-environment
 The macro-environment
 The Internal environment

4. Conclusion 8

5. Recommendations 8-9

6. Appendix 9-11

7. References 11-13

1. Introduction

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