The Holy Grail Of Coupons Is The Buy One Get One Free Coupon

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It has become more difficult to shop with our economy the way it is. Purchasing items that are necessities come before luxuries. Coupons are becoming increasingly more popular as a way for cutting back on the cost of shopping. I have to admit though I am the customer that used to stand in line complaining about how long it was taking for another customer to sift through their coupons. I had a very wide opening event though that completely changed my thoughts in regards to coupon users. A customer in front of me one day at the store was told by the cashier she had saved seventy dollars. Against my better judgment I asked how she saved so much. Her response was” I used a lot of buy one get one free coupons.”

When my purchase came to more than double for way less items than this customer had, I immediately decided to become a coupon user. As soon as I got home I immediately began researching the coupon phenomenon and how to use them.

I found coupons for things I never dreamed would have a discount available. As a kid my mom spent half of every Sunday cutting coupons from the paper, but I had no clue just how much money she was saving by spending our Sunday cutting coupons. I though what a better way to start than how mom did it, so I sat down with my paper and began cutting coupons for restaurants, car care and even a pack of diapers I could buy for my grandson.

My greatest find was for a spa I had wanted to try out but never had the money to go. This coupon made me really see the coupon light. According to the instructions printed on the coupon if I brought a friend to the spa we could both get free massages with purchase of a manicure and pedicure. After basking in my find, I called my sister who agreed to spend the...

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