The Ultimate Guide To Packing For A Trip English 101 Process Analysis Essay

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The Ultimate Guide to Packing
I have always been a reluctant traveler, concerned with what taking a trip would do to the daily routine I have worked so hard to sustain. My personality caused me to take “there’s no place like home” to a whole new, and probably unhealthy, level. This all changed when I learned how to pack a suitcase: it kept me busy while simultaneously taking away every excuse I could make to get out of traveling, allowing me to efficiently complete this gruesome task. Packing efficiently is an extremely advantageous skill to have.
Before starting to pack, think to yourself, “Do I really need this?” By thinking about this you will find essentials for the trip. These items will be different for everyone. Some common things to take are travel-sized bathroom items. Items like these include small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, mini combs or brushes, and travel sized bottles of toothpaste. Make sure to pack any electronics that are being taken. Along with electronics, clothes need to be packed. The amount of clothing packed depends on how long your travel is.
After deciding what the essentials are, you need to begin packing. The size of suitcase taken is essential to what can and cannot be brought. Make sure the suitcase is not too big, and that everything you are packing will fit into it. To fold clothes before packing, lay shirts or pants one on top of another in stacks of three or four and roll them like you are tightly rolling a sleeping bag. Doing this will keep your clothes from wrinkling, and is the most effective way to fold clothes while using the least amount of space possible. Before putting clothes into the suitcase, make sure to pack the awkward-shaped items first. Some examples of awkward items would be shoes, blowdryers, and other oddly shaped objects. Placing these items on the bottom will allow you to pack around them and will keep them in place during the trip.
If flying by plane, you will also need to pack a carry-on. These are usually small bags, backpacks, or purses that are put under the seat. This is where to pack anything that will be wanted while on the plane, such as chargers, food, and headphones. It is essential to pack only what will be needed for the plane as there is not much space. Consider the carry-on an emergency kit: if your luggage were to be lost or get stuck at the airport, what essentials are needed to enjoy the trip no matter what happens? Here are just some of the items to consider including in a carry-on: prescribed medication, anti-nausea, pain killers, Benadryl, prescription glasses and sunglasses, bottled water and snacks, books and magazines, cash, and your I.D. and ticket. If traveling out of the...

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