The Umbrellas Of Life Essay

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It was the kind of day that Taipei is known for. Located on the small island of Taiwan, the city is landlocked between mountains and ocean. Clouds trapped over the city drizzle away, sometimes for days on end.

My coworker and I had the responsibility of taking my three boys and his daughter to the mission school every morning. We would each balance two children on scooters and ride off, weaving through the horrendous morning rush to arrive on time. One morning we decided to avoid the soaking and split the fare of a taxi. We settled in for the journey with four kids, two adults, backpacks and umbrellas all in the back seat.

It was stop and go all the way. We were almost there when I noticed my son turning sickly green, the son that consistently becomes car sick. As his cheeks started to expand, I asked the driver to stop and in the midst of traffic, grabbed my son and got out of the taxi to save ...view middle of the document...

Two Chinese men walked by gawking at the foreigner bleeding along side the road, and kept walking. It reminded me of a parable but I couldn’t remember how it ended at the time. Then, a young lady walked by and without a word, simply handed me a packet of tissues.

It doesn’t seem like much yet her gift to me brought me out of my dazed shock and got us moving again. After packing my nose with multiple tissues, we walked the rest of the way to the school and medical help. Now I know a little of how Jesus felt when the woman poured out the expensive perfume on his body and his exclamation to his frustrated disciple of: “wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her." What that Chinese woman did for me, I want to tell others about. I still have the tissue packet in my Bible today as a reminder of her gift to me in my time of crisis. Who was she? Was she a Christian? I can imagine a day in heaven where a woman with recognition in her eyes asking me if I was that American with the bloody nose on the side of the rode in Taipei way back when.

I tell you this simply because it is a testimony of something that someone did for me. It was a small thing and perhaps insignificant to most. Yet to me, where the umbrella left an internal scar, her gift to me left a greater impact. She didn’t care that I was a foreigner. This Samaritan merely saw a need and met it. It is a testimony that probably does not have the power to change your life. Yet I choose to tell you anyway because it changed MY life.

I saw the potential of Christ in her and noticed it being lacking in me. It caused me to really see the people around me. What are they feeling? What is their crisis? Do I have the capacity to meet those needs? I no longer see people in categories of race or ethnicity. I see people with internal scarring & insecurities, in shock and in pain.

I submit that somewhere in your life, there is a testimony too. Something has changed your life and caused you to have a deeper relationship with Christ. It may seem insignificant like a tissue. Yet it changed your life, might it change others?

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