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The United Nations Is The Answer To The Worlds Problems

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The United Nations Is the Answer To The Worlds Problems

The issue of whether or not the United Nations should be disbanded is a complex two-sided answer. Some may say that no the United Nations should remain in society because of all the good the organization has done for the world such as UNICEF. Others may argue that the United Nations have done more harm than good, like the fact that your voting rights in the International Monetary Fund are dependent on the amount of money you contribute. The United Nations restricts the amount of freedom a country has because they have to take part in the organization. This issue is important because it expresses many concerns of the people whether the United Nations is important to the world, or if it should be thrown out. The United Nations has proved to the world that it is helpful and overall is admired by most of the citizens. The United Nations has created many organizations and handled different situations to help the people out. The United Nations should not be disbanded and should continue to aid those countries in need.
The United Nations created UNICEF, an organization built to allow children to have a right to education, a decent standard of health and nutrition, clean water and sanitation, and protection from abuse and exploitation. Many children are denied these rights so UNICEF must act to provide for them. There are 161 countries, areas and territories with UNICEF programs. The United Nations Children’s Fund has launched an AIDS awareness campaign involving the youth fighting the killer disease in Kenya. At the launch, UNICEF representatives have urged the parents to educate their children on HIV/AIDS, saying this would help reduce young people’s risk of contracting the disease. UNICEF is only one of many organizations provided by the United Nations to assist the people of the world.
Another organization that helps countries to strengthen their...

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