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The Un Promoting Environmental Sustainability Essay

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Action Plan
How will you decide which aspect of the UN to look at?

I will decide which aspect of the UN to look at, by firstly looking into the different aspects of the UN, which are related to geography, about which I can write. Next, choosing the most interesting of these aspects for me. Finally, I will have arrived at the aspect of the UN which I will be looking into.

Which sources of information will you first consult?

As the project is regarding an aspect of the UN, I will consult sources such as: magazine or newspaper articles relating to the UN, journal entries relating to the topic, books and encyclopedias relating to the aspect I’m looking into, and internet sources majorly websites relating to the topic I’m looking into, websites such as the official UN site will be a very helpful source.

What is your research question?

How does the United Nations support the millennium development goal of promoting environmental sustainability by limiting global warming in South and North America?

Why did you choose this research question and why do think it is worthy of studying?

I chose the question mentioned above as my research question as in my opinion this is a very interesting topic to research on, and I too believe that the United Nations has played a huge role in promoting environmental sustainability in many parts of this world. I chose my question to mainly focus on South and North America, as I feel that the UN has done a lot to promote environmental sustainability here, and therefore it would be good to focus my investigation on this particular country. This topic is worthy of studying as by knowing of what many before us have done to protect and sustain the environment, we can look into aiding the environment to a greater extent by further investigating into what else can be done to protect and sustain it.

How will you record your sources of information as you research?

To record my sources of information as I research, I shall firstly put the sources on a word document and save it, to ensure that I don’t lose any of the information I have gathered. After completing my research, I shall put the sources into MLA format, so that it is ready to go onto my bibliography section.

How will you structure your findings?

I shall firstly put in information giving some background information on the UN and my chosen area of study, in my introduction. Next in the main body paragraphs I shall put information answering my research question about how the UN promotes environmental sustainability in South and North America. Lastly I will sum up my key findings and address my research question in my conclusion.

How will you ensure that you effectively address your research question?

I will ensure that I effectively address my research question by only putting in information that answers my research question, and not any information that is irrelevant to the chosen aspect of study.

Provide an outline of what will be...

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