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The (Un)Typical Alien Story: Book Review

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“When that moment comes, and it always comes, if you can’t get up and you can’t give up, either, here’s what you do: crawl” (Yancey 419). The Fifth Wave, written by Rick Yancey, was published by G.P. Putnam's Sons in 2013. It is a young adult science fiction book and can be found similar to Ender's Game. In this successful book, one will find a fresh plot, a strong heroine, and strong character development.
The 5th Wave follows two main characters, Cassie and Ben, and two supporting characters, Sammy and The Silencer. It starts with Cassie's point of view on the alien infringement; she calls them The Others. There were five waves of the alien attack. The first wave was an electric shock sent out at 11 a.m. that killed a half million people. The second wave was more complicated; The Others dropped a gigantic metal rod on a fault line causing anyone who lives sixty miles of any fault to explode. There goes 40 percent of the population. The third wave was a disease carried by bird to make one bleed out. Cassie's father estimated that 97 percent of the world was dead with only the immune left to survive. The fourth wave was knowing to trust no one. The fifth wave? Well, everyone might just figure that out a little too late.
Cassie has not had it easy since The Others attacked. She watched her mother die, her father blown into smithereens, and her brother packed up on a bus to Camp Haven. Then, Cassie finds herself alone in the woods after there was an explosion at her previous camp. In order to find her brother at Camp Haven, she has to figure out a way to get there. With nowhere to turn, she heads toward the nearest city, Cincinnati. She is shot in the leg immediately after stepping foot in the city, and she passes out in the nearest vehicle. Cassie wakes up to find that Evan, a mysteriously handsome farmer boy, has been tending to her wounds. She befriends Evan as he helps in the search for her brother. However, she quickly learns just how little she can trust Evan when he starts to disappear at night. Cassie knows she can not give up, no matter how hard life gets.
Ben Parish used to worry about his AP Chemistry class, now he's worrying about staying alive. He is staying at Camp Haven, a military base, set up for the few people left in America. Ben’s military name is Zombie; he has no family and feels no emotions since The Others started to attack. He feels,“Same is true for your other senses. And your soul. After you’ve seen your hundredth dead baby, how can you be shocked or sickened or feel anything at all?” (Yancey 232) Nevertheless, once he meets Sammy, Cassie’s younger brother, his attitude changes. When Sammy first arrives at Camp Haven, he is ridiculed by Reznik, the vicious Sergeant. Ben sticks up for Sammy and is later promoted to Squad 53 Captain. Ben is very shocked to hear this; he thought he would be punished immediately since Reznik is so vile. Ben learns to love Sammy as his younger brother, and he would to do...

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