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The Unacceptable Privacy Infrigment Essay

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The Unacceptable Privacy Infringement
When we mention the word ‘privacy’, we mean that there is something very personal about ourselves. Something that we think others are not supposed to know, or, we do not want them to. Nevertheless, why is it so? Why are people so reluctant to let others know about them entirely? This is because either they are afraid of people doing them harm or they are scared that people may treat them differently after their secrets are known. Without privacy, the democratic system that we know would not exist. Privacy is one of the fundamental values on which our country was established. Moreover, with the internet gaining such popularity, privacy has become a thing of the past. People have come to accept that strangers can view personal information about them on social networking sites such as Facebook, and companies and the government are constantly viewing a person’s activity online for a variety of reasons. From sending email, applying for a job, or even using the telephone, Americans right to privacy is in danger. Personal and professional information is being stored, link, transferred, shared, and even sold. Various websites, the government and its agencies, and hospitals are infringing our privacy without our permission or knowledge.

To begin with, various websites are violating our privacy by selling our data to third party companies. Today accumulation of personal information is escalating using technology tools all over the world without permission of an individual. Precisely, social networking sites such as Facebook collects information actively while websites such as Google passively. Facebook allows strangers to view anyone’s profile and systematically eliminates privacy for those who choose to join Facebook. Moreover, by default, the privacy settings are made in such a way that when any stranger searches your name he/she can view most information about you without befriending you. In addition to that, websites such as Google not only tracks a person’s activity only on Google.Com, but also on all searches of a person. “Google offers various ‘free’ services to webmasters like Google Analytics. The webmaster installs a piece of code on the website and that code sends your unique tracking data to Google every time you visit that website” (Polojarvi). To illustrate, when I first moved to America about a year ago I was astounded to see Google suggesting me things I was searching. I considered it a problem because they were persuading me to buy materials using my confidential information. Additionally, as Marko Polojarvi says, “Your action on a site that uses one of these services is now tied into your Google Profile that Google will then sell to their advertisers” (Polojarvi).

Furthermore, the government and its agencies that should protect our privacy are violating our privacy. They are monitoring all our conversation and our location. The government agencies are doing it by installing street cameras, so...

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