The Undefined, The Free Essay

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Life is a series of questions that people strive to answer through desperate endeavors to put some value and meaning behind their existence and purpose. However, it has been a mystery as to how to achieve those answers. A popular misleading belief is that the answers to life’s questions begin from answering the biggest question of them all “Who am I?” To discover the answer to this and all other questions, people use the assistance of others around them. Interacting and forming relationships with others allows one to not only to get to know those people, but also discover him/herself in that process. Writer Robert Thurman would agree with the notion of the crucial necessity of humans to be interconnected with their community and environment, conversely he would disagree with the concept of defining and labeling the self to just be one determined identity, and he defends this argument in his text “Wisdom.” Similarly, in war veteran and author Tim O’Brien’s narration “How to Tell a True War Story” he illustrates the imperative role that the bond he shared with fellow soldiers played during the Vietnam War and in discovering new things about each other’s personality. However, writer Jon Krakauer takes readers on an expedition to follow the journey of Christopher McCandless in the Alaskan wilderness in his narrative selections from Into the Wild, trying to define McCandless’ identity and believes that isolation from society may lead to the discovery of the self. All three authors delve into the importance that the self and interconnectedness, hold in life. Although they discuss similar concepts, not all three authors have the same viewpoints about the notions. Thurman and O’Brien share similar positions about the self and interconnectedness whereas; Krakauer’s views vary from the opposing authors’ views on both concepts. Thus, Thurman and O’Brien compliment each other’s eloquent arguments, while Krakauer’s argument complicates both defenses, defending reoccurring misconceptions about the self and interconnectedness.
The self is associated with many misconceptions that hinder people from really discovering what the self is. People set out on long exhausting quests to discover themselves, believing that they hold within them a single identity that makes them different and sometimes, even greater from everyone else. This was the misconception that weaves its way throughout Krakauer’s story, and Krakauer does nothing to dismiss it. Instead, he strives to define McCandless’ identity, being ignorant to the idea that McCandless does not have to have one set identity, but can be free to be more than just one permanent personality. However, Krakauer fails to see that, clearly being just as blinded by this existing misconception as McCandless. Krakauer along with his colleagues, keep trying to define McCandless and keep changing their judgment on him rather than acknowledging the concept of selflessness. Krakauer quotes his friend Roman’s judgment of...

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