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The Underdogs Essay

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In life we as people are faced with challenges and adversities regardless of racial background, social status, or religious lifestyle. Some people are faced with more hardships than others, and how people deal with their issues can differ depending on the people they surround around them. Merriam Webster describes adversity as a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortune (Merriam). This is apparent when you compare and contrast the memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, verses the documentary Inocente which follows a girl name Inocente. As where the racial backgrounds, family settings, and locations of the protagonist differ, there is a clear ...view middle of the document...

In the documentary, Inocente and her mother also discuss the abuse that Inocente's mother put her through in regards to her depression, and Inocente's mother discusses a time when she attempted to persuade Inocente to commit suicide with her by jumping off a bridge. Inocente's mother expressed that her child was the reason why she decided not to kill herself, and why she didn't kill Inocente in the process of suicide. Regardless of suicidal feelings and thoughts through the documentary it becomes clear that Inocente's mother loves it, she is just a victim of her situation and her environment.
A similarity between The Glass Castle and Inocente is that both of the protagonist appear to have selfish parents, more specifically they both have selfish mothers. As where both of the mothers of both protagonists seem to deeply love their children in the best way they know how to, there are extremely selfish choices that they end of making. In Inocente, Inocente asks her mother for permission to move into a homeless shelter for teenagers, and at first her mother says no. The motivation of the mother isn't exactly clear, but it isn't until lawyers become involved that Inocente's mother grants permission for her to leave home. In The Glass Castle, Jeannette was as stated in the previous paragraphs struck with poverty. At times she didn't have running water, food, or even a stable household. It is later on revealed that her mother has land in Texas that is worth millions of dollars, and in theory she could of have had sold the property so her
family would have a stable life. Another instance in which Jeannette's mother's selfish behavior is showcased is when she refuses to work as a teacher because she didn't feel like she was working in a career she felt happy in. As where her happiness does matter due to her choices her family suffered, which showcases extreme selfishness. Another obvious contrast in Inocente and The Glass Castle is that the protagonists had different ethnic backgrounds, and due...

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