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The Underground Water System In Western Australia

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1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this report is to study the underground water system in Western Australia and make recommendation to the Minister of the Environment and Water Resource. This report include the source and storage, extraction and the effect of underground water to the environment, types of common contamination in underground water and method to prevent the contamination.
Groundwater is the one of the fundamental source of water in Western Australian environment which fresh water collected at various depth below the ground surface. In Australia about 21% of the water used is derived from groundwater sources. There is considerable variation in groundwater usage between states and territories. For many areas it is either the main or the only reliable water source supporting communities and economic activity (Australian Bureau of Rural Science, 2007). Major developments and water resource demands across Australia, mainly on new resource discoveries and mining operations of iron ore mining in Western Australia is one of the main contributor (National Water Commission, 2012).

2.0 Western Australia underground water
Underground water plays a major role in Western Australia. The fresh water from the storage typically use for urban and domestic usage, agriculture, industry and mining. Groundwater provides fresh water supplies for the communities, particular in rural and remote areas. The groundwater system in Western Australia is the key point to get water supply. Without access to clean and sufficient water supply, Australia would be uninhabitable. This is due to frequent drought which lead to depletion of water supplies.

2.1 Source and Storage
The underground water mainly are rainwater collected on the ground and groundwater collected at various depths below the ground surface. Groundwater originates from precipitation rain and snow, which later move through the soil until...

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