The Awareness Of Alzheimer’s Disease And The Effect It Has On Alzheimer Research

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Alzheimer Disease is a disease in which the brain degenerates. Many people throughout the whole entire world are affected by this disease. The brain degenerates, and people begin to have trouble remembering things. The brain degeneration progresses over the duration of the disease until the diagnosed individual cannot function without help. Alzheimer is the most common form of dementia, and about 60 to 80 percent of all Dementia cases are Alzheimer’s disease. In compliance with this statistic, this means that Alzheimer’s is commonly used interchangeably with Dementia. However, there are many types of different Dementias, but Alzheimer’s is the most well recollected type of the disease. (Lu, 2) Lu give a great definition as to what contribution a normal individual has in the community in her book Alzheimer’s Disease, and relays that this is not what Alzheimer’s patients can do (Lu, 1).
“In order to function independently in our society, one must be able to perform certain basic activities, such as eating and grooming. When someone has Dementia, the brain loses the ability to perform these basic skills.” --Lu
Alzheimer Disease is a very wide spread disease, and many people are affected by it. Research has become a must in order to better understand this disease. Alzheimer’s has been researched for many years, and we have discovered so many new things about the disease. The only down side to the many years of beneficial research, is a cure is still yet to be discovered. The Alzheimer community is very prominent on getting people involved in the research, and the organizations in which support the research. With a large increase in the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, there will become a significant increase in the amount of research that is undergone. People will be more inclined to participate in helping the Alzheimer research prosper with the inclination of their new found knowledge and awareness of the Alzheimer disease.
An increase in the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease has always been the solution to gaining support for any research being performed. With an increase in the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease research, people will become more knowledgeable and aware on the topic. An increase in knowledge on the Alzheimer disease will also enable a higher chance for preventative treatments or possibly a cure. There are so many great minds in the world, and the one person capable of making preventative treatment or even having a possibility of creating a cure, might be an uninformed individual in need of a little sharing of knowledge.
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