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The Undying Soul: Reincarnation Essay

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Have you ever thought of getting a past life regression? Probably not, many people believe that the idea of reincarnation is unrealistic. It is defined as, “a doctrine or mystic belief that some essential part of a living being survives death to be reborn in a new body” (Gadit). According to Elizabeth Fenwick, this concept is “a central part of the doctrines of Eastern religion”. Yet, many do not believe in rebirth. People tend to question reincarnation because they are unable to remember what happened in their past lives (Macintosh 154). Although rebirth is a questionable occurrence, there is a collection of evidence to prove that reincarnation is the next step for the soul after death of the physical body.
Dr. Ian Stevenson is known for his paranormal research, which, “appears to provide scientific proof that reincarnation is real” (Bowman). He has spent the last forty years of his life documenting the remembrances of children’s past lives. He traveled all over the world to gather the three thousand cases that are stored away in files (Bowman). Among these cases is one of Swarnlata Mishra. She was a young girl, only three, when she recognized a street and requested her driver to take her home, indicating a house that was one hundred miles away from her actual home (Bowman). Mishra had come with her father to Katni for the first time and said that she lived in a house near here. She went on to state that her name was Biya Pathak and that she had given birth to two sons. When her father heard her say this he started taking notes. She went on and,
“… gave details of the house: it was white with black doors fitted with iron bars; four rooms were stuccoed, but other parts were less finished; the front floor was stone slabs. She located the house in Zhurkutia, a district of Katni; behind the house was a girl’s school, in front was a railway line, and lime furnaces were visible from the house. She added that the family had a motor car (a very rare item in India in the 1950’s, and especially before Swarnlata was born)” (Bowman).
Stevenson heard about this case through a colleague, Professor Sri H. N. Banerjee. Who took the notes that Mr. Mishra had written down and gave them to Dr. Stevenson. He was quite interested in this case so he set out to find the house that the notes were about. Upon finding this house Dr. Stevenson found everything the way Swarnlata had described it to be. He also spoke with the family only to find out that “Biya Pathak had died in 1939 leaving behind a grieving husband, two young sons, and many young brothers” (Bowman) just like Swarnlata had said.
Dr. Stevenson and the Pathak family were still suspicious and so they all decided to travel to Chhatarpur, which was where a ten year old, Swarnlata lived. They went there without telling anyone who they...

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