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The Unethical Treatment Of Animals Essay

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“Man is the highest rated animal, at least among all the animals who returned the questionnaire (Brault, 2009).” For years humans have been using animals for experimentation, food, clothing, sport and entertainment, manual labor, and let us not forget man’s best friend. The unethical treatment of animals can best be resolved by deontology contrasted with ethical egoism.
Being human indicates the feeling of pain, pleasure, fear, and love; if animals can display these emotions, are they not human? The unethical treatment of animals is largely due to the fact that we as humans do not believe animals are sentient (capable of feeling pain or pleasure). Would it not be feeling pleasure when a kitten purrs when being stroked? How about when you beat a dog and they howl out; is that not pain?
Experimentation has been performed on animals such as rats, mice, and primates in testing various products from cosmetics to drugs. The experimentation of animals usually involves pumping a substance into the animal’s stomach or applying it to the skin and eyes; they are confined to cages and not allowed the freedom of their natural way of life. According to a report by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals),” this causes great stress and discomfort to the animals (2011).” The animals may not die, but they are scared and maimed for the rest of their lives. Practices such as this are still used today even though there are cheaper and more conclusive ways of conducting this testing; in vitro (test tube), genomic, computer modeling technique, and human volunteering. These research methods are more humane, cost effective alternatives to animal testing. “The harms to the animal conflict with perceived societal benefits that will result if the experiment is conducted (Orlans, 1990, para. 2).” Although there are more cost effective and humane alternatives, they are still performing product experimentation on animals today.
Another way animals lose their lives in the name of humanity is clothing. Animals have also been used for clothing since man began wearing clothes. The Indians and early settlers used deer and buffalo hides for coats, shirts, pants, and shoes. Today we use mink and rabbit furs for coats and hats; we use alligator skins for belts and shoes. There are businesses that raise these animals for that sole purpose. In order to obtain these items from the animal they must be killed; denying them their right to live. With synthetic materials available today, should animals still be used for clothing?
Every year hunters look forward to a hunting season; they love the sport of killing a defenseless animal. Although they say they are hunting for the meat, is it really sporting when the other party has no weapons? Hunters practice for weeks ahead of time making sure their aim is correct; they do not want to miss a shot. The day hunting season open, they sit in a tree or ground blind waiting for an unsuspecting animal to come into their line of...

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