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The Unexpected Journey Essay

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Bilbo Baggins of Bag End had lived a peaceful, respectful life as a hobbit. However, one day his quiet life was shattered by the arrival of a wizard named Gandalf and thirteen militant dwarves, who persuaded him to set out on an adventure. He embarks with the dwarves and wizard on a great quest to reclaim their treasure under the mountain from the marauding dragon, Smaug, with Bilbo acting as their “burglar”. During his unexpected journey, Bilbo not only found his courage, but also golden right that made him invisible every time he slipped it on his finger. Together, they battle trolls, goblins, wargs, dragons, and huge spiders, aided by giant eagles, a skin-changer, a heroic archer, and ...view middle of the document...

However, with the circumstances he was submerged in, he forced to expand his courage, compassion, wit, and loyalty. Those features came from himself. Gandalf, the dwarves, and the adventure he was immersed in helped bring those out.
At the beginning, Bilbo‘s courage was small and tentative. But his courage grew. In the battle with the gigantic spiders in Mirkwood forest, he had immense courage and fought the spiders with all of his strength, with and without the ring. Regardless that he was terrified of the deadly foe, his friends had been captured by the spiders and were in mortal danger. He knew he was there only hope. He outwitted them, and rescued his friends bravely. As for his confrontations with Smaug the Dragon, Bilbo surely displayed his courage. When the Dwarves and Bilbo had finally opened the secret door, it was Bilbo’s job to go alone into the long dark tunnel to Smaug. “It was at this point that Bilbo stopped. Going on from there was the bravest thing he ever did. The tremendous things that happened afterward were nothing compared to it. He fought the real battle in the tunnel alone, before he ever even saw the vast danger that lay in wait” (). It is one thing to be fighting a battle with your friends and comrades fighting beside you, but a different thing entirely to go alone through a pitch dark tunnel with a horrific foe waiting at the end. It was not only courage that Bilbo possessed however, but wit, compassion, and loyalty.
He not only had the attributes and actions of a hero, but made the choices of a hero too. Although in times of peril and danger, Bilbo longed for his cozy hobbit-hole and good...

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