The Unexpected Effects Of Surfing Essay

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In a world that is so dependent on technology, it is no wonder that the Internet has had such a tremendous impact on our lives. Since its creation in the 1960's for military communication purposes the Internet has developed remarkably and its uses have extended into the homes of everyday families. A vast electronic gathering place for hundreds of thousands of people, the Internet is not exactly easy to regulate. The impact of such technology is immense. Everyday people "surf the Net" in isolation and anonymity using their own computers, typing whatever they want, and coming in contact with a variety of activities, writing, and pictures. With the growing use of the Internet and its vast accessibility, it poses the question of whether or not to restrict and regulate the Internet. The unexpected impact and controversy that surrounds the Internet continues to grow, as such technology becomes more widespread throughout our society.The Internet allows any group or individual to reach millions of people at any given time. The low cost of establishing websites enables such people to spread their thoughts, views, and ideals, amongst other things, across the nation. "Whether a neo-nazi, a pornographer, or a member of an antigovernment militia, anyone can voice his or her beliefs over the Internet." (Ginsberg, 169). As a result, many members of society are concerned for the well-being of the public, children in particular. A recent event at a school in Colorado in which two teenagers shot and killed other classmates for no apparent reason has sparked much controversy with regards to the Internet. The question arises as to whether or not children are influenced by certain materials that may be found on the Internet. In particular, sites devoted to bomb making, violence, and promoting hate may be easily accessed with the right computer skills. Therefore, many concerns surround the issue of the Internet and its effects on...

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