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The Unexplained Massacre Essay

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Prologue #1

The battle had been lost. She knew it before she even opened her eyes. She could feel pain all over her body and felt the familiar sensation of cold air on open skin. She tried to raise her arm but it was trapped under something. With what strength she had left she pulled. Her arm came free.
Her eyes fluttered open and she immediately had to stop herself from screaming. In front of her was the corpse of her lover. Patches of his hair had been torn from his skull along with the flesh it was attached to. Portions of his skin had been ripped off revealing bone and muscle. She raised her hand and gently stroked what remained of his cheek. He felt cold. She could feel tears running down her face. Her one love, her only love, dead.
She forced herself to turn away from him and sat up. She could now see the extent of her wounds. She had a long gash from her chest to her hip. She watched as the blood poured out. The bright shimmering green, once characterized as beautiful, looked sickly as it spewed out of her.
As her senses returned she realized she couldn't feel her legs. She squinted to see in the darkness. Her legs had been twisted and broken, and were facing an awkward angle. It made her ill to look at them.
She focused on the rest of the room. The once great halls were drenched in blood, trickling down the walls and forming large pools on the floor. The room, once bright, was bathed in shadows and blackness. Then there were the bodies. It was difficult to see in the dark, but they were there. The corpses of her allies littered the floor. They were mangled, mutilated, and barely recognizable but she could have named each of them. They had been her council, her friends.
She tried desperately to move but she couldn't. Her body wouldn't obey her.
From the shadows there came a low rasping noise. She tensed, suddenly terrified. The darkness felt alive, clutching at her body. Everything was suddenly so cold. She closed her eyes, trying to control her fear, yet failing. She let out a faint whimper, she couldn't help it. When she opened her eyes she was surrounded by four menacing figures.
They towered over her, staring mercilessly. Each of them were clad in a different color: Blue, Red, Black, and White. Their cloaks covered them head to foot, each with a hood so low it concealed most of their faces. They wore masks, although she could only see them partially they covered what little of their faces she might have been able to make out. From what she could see however, the masks were intimidating and able to strike fear into all those that should lay eyes upon them. Black, however, didn't seem to be wearing a mask. He wore his hood down lower then the rest, and darkness had consumed his face completely. Black, also unlike the rest, was wearing a metal...

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