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The Unfair Treatment Of Same Sex Couples In The United States

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"On no issue in American life have opinions changed as fast as they have on gay rights," said Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster and political consultant. "It is truly a stunning development." (Yost) Currently, the United States Government has left up the decision of same-sex marriage and civil unions up to the states, opening the door for many states to issue bans against it, and therefore leading to unfair treatment of individuals in some states. Same sex marriage is a civil rights issue and should be left up to the federal government. Individual states should not be left to discriminate against citizens, religious devotions cannot be used to promote against equal rights of those without the same beliefs, and treatment of individuals should be the same in whichever state in which they reside.
Treatment of individuals should be the same in whichever state they live in. Although a growing number of states support equal rights for same sex couples, many states do not recognize rights granted by other states. If someone moves from one state to another state which does not grant these rights, they may run into some problems. For instance, a lesbian couple with one daughter from a state supporting equality, moved to Texas, a state against it. Since one of the parents was not the biological mother, and Texas does not recognize same sex relationships, the non-biological mother had to adopt the child to be able to be a legal guardian (Fernandez). However, when the law promoting this inequality was taken to federal court, it was struck down. The family stated "Ultimately, the repeal of Texas' ban will mean that our son will never know how this denial of equal protections demeaned our family and belittled his parents' relationship.” (Fernandez) Their hope is only coming from the federal government. Another example comes from the Obama administration, put a stop to the federal legal defense of the Defense of Marriage Act, effectively killing that law, which prohibited marriages not between one man and one woman (Devoy). Additionally, with another recent decision by Eric Holder, the US attorney general, the justice department will recognize that gay couples of individuals involved in “civil and criminal cases” will have the same rights as everyone else. “Under this policy, even in states where same-sex marriages are not recognized, the federal government will not use state views as a basis to object to someone in a same-sexmarriage from invoking this right” (Yost). Some argue that this takes away from the sovereignty of the states, but ultimately it gives more rights to the people, and ensures fair treatment of everyone. The changes that can be made across the board in every state can only come from the federal government, and only the federal government can insure a standard level of treatment for individuals in every state.
Religious devotions cannot be used to promote against equal rights of those without the same beliefs. In the state of arizona, a bill...

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