The Unfairness Of The Bowl Championship Series (Bcs) In College Football

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The beginning of fall season, every Saturday, every fan looks forward to the biggest and widely watched sport in the United States, college football. College football has been known to be better than watching NFL football. Fans eagerly anticipate when they see their team get to be a part of the Bowl Championship Series. The BCS consist of four games based on the division of the college football team and one game for the National Championship game. Due to the fact that college football players perform well because of their love for the sport, the BCS is an unfair system that doesn’t acknowledge all college football teams. The Bowl Championship Series is a complex, controversy ranked system that should be replaced with a playoff system, leaving it to be, the only fair way to determine how and who should hold National Champion title.
The first collegiate football game was on November 6, 1869 in New Jersey. It was against Rutgers University versus Princeton where the Rutgers won 6-4 (Ours). Under a team of twenty-five men, they were playing under the rules of rugby and soccer adopted from London Football Association and amended to their own sport. With the twenty-three men, they were then divided eleven and twelve. Eleven of the men were the defenders and the rest of the twelve men played offense. Lastly, the other two stood at the opponent’s field play two positions, to defend and also score. From there, it slowly started to spread across the east coast first around 1875 and the players on the field decreased to fifteen (Ours). By the end this, the National College Athletic Association was formed around the 1990s (Ours).
In 1998, the Bowl Championship Series was created for the top two BCS college teams against one another in a National Championship game. They were known to find the best college football team of the season (Cortez). When BCS launched in 1998 at the Fiesta Bowl, resulted in Tennessee winning the championships against Florida Stat (Hyland). The four bowls are the Rose, Discover Orange, Allstate Sugar and Tostitos Fiesta, and whoever is able to attend depends on the conference (ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pack-12, and Southeastern) (Schlabach). The BCS National Championship games, holding the top two college teams, play at one of the bowls (BCS Football). There at approximately twenty-seven post-season bowls where it is usually operated by a community-based organization (BCS Football). BCS is the five-game college football showcase (BCS Football).
The BCS system is governed by a community of presidents from different universities with the operations and policies chosen by the commissioners of each conference and the athletic direction of Notre Dame (Harris). The Bowl Championship Series selection process is divided into two pools: automatic qualifiers and at-large teams (non-AQ) will establish the pairings for each team (BCS Football). Automatic Qualifiers is the colleges that land in either of these conferences: Atlantic...

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