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The Adverse Flaws Of Chevron Corporation

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Robert B. Pojasek, who is currently serving as the Chair on the Board of Governors of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association, notes that there are three main responsibilities that a corporation must follow in order to be productive to their selves, to the economy, and to the environment. Economic responsibility has five capitals to follow which are; natural, human, social, manufactured, and financial capital. Each of the capitals lead back to sustainable wealth creation to be productive for themselves. Environmental responsibility, as Pojasek puts it as, “decisions and activities of an organization invariably have an impact on the environment no matter where they are located” (90). This means that corporations must prevent pollution and waste, pay attention to stakeholder interest in environmental issues, and protect the local environment (90). The third is social responsibility, which entails following, “suitable human rights, labor practices, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and community involvement”(91), where corporations should strive to be good citizens through social investment and technology development (93). Chevron Corporation, an oil refinery, has disregarded these rules with extreme weight and authority and with no intentions of slowing down. With the following information accounted for, Chevron is to be deemed a unethical company.
The nickel-metal hydride cell, or the NiMH battery, is a high-powered battery designed to replace the nickel-cadmium battery, which is currently being used in hybrid cars (Burridge). The NiMH is currently being used in other technologies such as cameras, cordless phones, and laptops. General Motors made the mistake of selling the battery to Texaco who was bought out by Chevron the following week, thus acquiring the patent to the NiMH. General Motors was forced to shut down the production of their electric cars due to the lack of battery availability (Burridge). Burridge goes on to say, “Chevron has effectively blocked the use of NiMH batteries by start-up EV manufacturers and has the ability to keep doing so until 2014 when the patents expire” (Burridge). In 1997, Toyota sold an electric vehicle called the RAV4 which used the NiMH battery. The International Court of Arbitration forced Toyota to shut down the RAV4 and settle a suit of $30,000,000 with Chevron after continuing the sale of the RAV4 after the patent had already been sold to Chevron. Field tests proved that the NiMH battery could prolong the life of the electric car from 150 miles a charge to over 375 miles a charge. The U.S. Federal Government was even forced to shut down their Zero Emissions Vehicle requirements in California due to the lack of available battery’s to be put in cars. Chevron acquired the capability to reduce emissions in America, prolong the life of hybrid cars, and potentially bring global warming to an extreme halt. Instead they chose to keep the patent to their selves in order to make...

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