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The Unforgettable Ocean Essay

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A place like no other, scenery so plain yet so beautiful. The miles of water that runs far into the horizon, disappearing into the arms of the sky. The relaxation that takes over a body just by taking one look into the blue depths. A view that not everyone can see. When a person lives in a place like Ohio, the he ocean is only a hallucination or a picture in the person mind. It is not possible to feel the soft warm sand under the feet or the way the water hugs the legs with every wave that passes by. The only thing Ohioans have to look forward to is a manmade lake, filled with the pollutions of the world. The miles of trash, filth, decaying fish, bones and seaweed align the sand. Every step ...view middle of the document...

The depths of green bathing a person in sorrow, pulling the person deeper into the pits of horror. The tight bear hug it has, holding the people hostage in the slimy grime. The senses are filled with unpleasantness and distaste for the surroundings.
The first step I took on the beach created an amazing feeling for me. The way the ocean cradled the soft clouds as they sat on the horizon was beautiful. The water was nothing an Ohioan would be used to, unlike the grotesque green depths of the lake. The water created a more calming feeling. The lively beauty of the ocean, with the many different surrounding colors and sites was a picture of bliss like a scene from a movie. The smell of salt water fills the senses. The smell may be pleasant to the nose but not so pleasant when it splashes in the eyes or hits a fresh womb. It would bring the true meaning of rubbing salt on a womb. The stinging can get so harsh it may bring tears to the eyes. Even though there may be pain in some instances, the good outweighs the bad. It is like breathing in the small of freedom and carelessness, it brings back memories of running around playing in the backyard as a child. The way the birds fly into the horizon makes a person want to fly along to see what is held beyond. The unknown mysteries that lurks underneath the pits of blue as a person walks deeper in. The water gives off a sensation of a wet embrace. The satisfying warmth between the toes as the wet sand massages the feet. The nostalgia clears the mind and settles back in a time when nothing else mattered.
The sand caresses the feet while strolling along, and the water hugs the body like a mother’s warm embrace. Every time a person takes a step into the warm...

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