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The Unforgotten War Essay

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Before the Great War, the continent of Europe was in a state of peace. Many countries did not have conflict building up between each other. Then unexpectedly, Great tensions arose, imperialism, alliances, and militarism. These all led up to the eruption of WWI.

Imperialism was one of the many tensions that caused WWI to begin. Many countries began to practice imperialism, the policy of extending their power through military force. An example of a country being imperialistic was Serbia. "They wanted their country to be center of larger Slavic state. To do this they wanted control of Bosnia and Herzegovina for outlet to Adriatic Sea." Serbia wanted to be the leader of the Slavic states to be able to have extra resources which in this case was the Adriatic Sea. Two other countries also practiced imperialism during this time, their actions increased the rivalry between Germany and them as stated by "By 1900 the British empire extended over five continents and France had control of large areas of Africa." "The amount of land owned by Britain and France increased rivalry with Germany." Imperialism was a major part of the eruption of WWI. Most of the countries involved in WWI practiced imperialism. As previously stated, imperialism was one of the many tension that often occurred which led to the eruption of WWI.

Another reason for the great conflict between countries is all the alliances that where made. An example is the alliance made between France and Britain as told in a French statement by Raymond . "Supported by the loyal friendship of England." Another example to show alliances is the Triple Alliance. The Triple Alliance consisted of Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary. This is what had to say "Germany and Austria-Hungary made an alliance with Italy to stop them from taking sides with...

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