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The Unfortunates Essay

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It felt as if the days passed as fast as a blink of the eye until the day as finally come.
We took a plane to reach The Fantasy Island that I previously told you about, it was our destined location, once we’ve reached there, we went to the building were all of the magic happens, we climbed the stairs showing our new staff a guide to how we run things, my legs got sore and I struggled to catch my breath, I tried to distract myself by drowning into my own thoughts of what is so called self-consciousness, but I failed miserably. We had t climb another twenty flights of stairs while I wondered, what am I going to do with my life with something that I have no escape from, but now, look back, I could’ve escaped from that place and I should’ve done that. We finally arrived our place, that year it was designed to be grand to give the atmosphere of life of luxury. On each year they have a different theme, this year it was Royalty.
On the next day, our victims have arrived, at that day we were going to have our Arrival Celebration, we were arranged to stand next to each other in no specific order. I stood between James Thomson and Emily Hudson who looked liked an angel in her white dress and rosy apple cheeks, how ironic, an angel that kills. Not everyone in the company attended the celebration, but enough did to make the room look full of people we set in the corners a couple of cameras to make it look as if we were shooting the first episode of our reality show. At this year, I was going to be the one to read the welcoming speech, when I call one of the initiates’ names, they will walk to the center of a huge bowl. He or she will not speak. I will offer him or her the knife. They will cut into their hand and sprinkle their blood into the bowl to show the ultimate loyalty to their future death, which for them is just a way to spice up the show and get more famous.
“Welcome,” I said as the cheers grew louder and louder. “Welcome to the20th Supervivencia games. Welcome to the day were we honor the philosophy of our ancestors, which tells us that...

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