The Unhealthy Evolution Of Wheat Essay

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The Unhealthy Evolution of Wheat

I have spoke a lot about healthy eating and drinking in my previous posts. It is crucial to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and drink pure water; but what about wheat products? Wheat has evolved into something that is no longer a natural substance and can negatively affect your health.

We are seeing more wheat allergies than ever. There is a reason for this; the following will explain.

How Has Wheat Changed?

The production of wheat is not a new phenomenon. Wheat has been successfully cultivated for thousands of years. Since the industrial revolution, wheat cultivation has taken a dramatic shift. Everything has changed; how we grow wheat, how we process ...view middle of the document...

Changes to 'Wheat' and Our Health

It is clear that the changes that have been made to wheat have affected our health. Gluten-free items are beginning to boom within the market. This allergy boom is due to the way people feel after they consume wheat products. Here are some of the ways in which wheat is deteriorating our health:

1. Obesity: Overeating of processed carbohydrates causes fat storage to increase. In more severe cases, individuals become insulin resistant. We all know that there is a direct link between obesity and type II diabetes. Basically, any carbohydrates that are not used for energy immediately, are stored within the body as glycogen. Your muscles and liver will store glycogen. Once they run out of storage room, your body turns to fatty tissue. Blood sugar levels are key here.

2. Asthma: Modern wheat is all about production, and is more than likely contributing to a wide range of problems regarding allergies and even asthma. Currently, there is an enzyme used (amylase) for bread making, that is known to cause asthma.

3. Gluten Intolerance/Celiac Disease: Gluten is actually a protein, that can be found in grains (wheat, barley, rye, etc.) This is a common misconception here. There's a difference between gluten intolerance and a gluten sensitivity. Many are experiencing discomfort, and it is not necessarily the gluten itself that is causing it. Modern wheat may be the culprit behind all of these “intolerances”. The worst part, gluten-free products are made with substitutes such as cornstarch and rice starch. These are highly refined and will cause your blood sugar to spike. There are by no means, a healthy alternative.

4. Vitamin Deficiency: On average, 40% of the original wheat grain is being removed. This 40% contains bran and the germ; being the most nutrient-rich portion. When our modern wheat is being processed, over half of the vitamins are lost. This includes; vitamins B1, B2 and B3; calcium, copper, zinc, fibre, iron and phosphorus. Even 100% whole wheat products use modern wheat strains (chemically exposed, highly...

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