The Unhealthy Norms Within Society Essay

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If one wants to be successful within a society, they must understand and somewhat abide by the normality’s within that society. The common behaviors that are inhibited within a society changes quite frequently and while some people may stay on track to understand those common behaviors, some people do not. Generally those who spend time and energy to understand and comprehend the normal behaviors within a society, feel the need to impress someone or something. There is a common practice within society that I intend to call “Monkey see, Monkey do,” this practice is important when trying to impress someone because that person wants to fit in, so they will conform their ideas to do so. This is not a contemporary practice; it has been historically done however the comprehension upon why certain things occur within society or what is praised upon within society can create issues. Common issues that have become normal behaviors within society include the evolution of technology along with smart phones and the unrecognized dangers that they may entail. The evolution of technology has exceled our society to have better understandings and access to information, help cure and help patients quicker and more effective and greatly improve communication to others.
With the growth of technology it allowed for the growth of available information as well as advanced ways of communication. The initial intention of computers and technology was to serve the working or business class, to help companies create better products for their consumers. Next, the tools that were previously only used to facilitate businesses then started becoming more domestic, little by little people and families began owning desktop computers in their homes .By innovating technology, it allowed tech businesses to take large, bulky, heavy, slow computers and slowly but surely create sleeker, lighter, faster and more efficient computers than before. In addition to being able to greatly reduce the size of the computer, tech businesses were also able to take the internet and other computers programing software’s and alter them to fit within a mobile device. By taking that information and transferring it to a mobile device, it created a new type of cellular devices called smart phones. No longer was a portable cellphone used for just phone calls or saving important dates into a calendar or sending quick messages to others, it now had the capabilities of giving directions while driving, playing music, the use of the internet, video messaging and many other special features. In today’s society the evolution of technology has changed the way that many people interact with others, the high culture involves individuals who possess expensive smart phones to process...

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